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11 Beautiful Hikes in Bryce Canyon National Park in 2023

Top Bryce Canyon Hikes

You have to blink a few times fast to make sure you are seeing what you are seeing when you visit Bryce Canyon National Park. That’s because the combination of fairy chimneys, amphitheaters, and beautiful pink and orange rock will make you feel like you’ve traveled to another planet. Bryce Canyon National Park sits on Utah Scenic Byway 12 and is part of Utah’s Might 5 National Parks.

Bryce Canyon National Park is a hiker’s paradise, teeming with awe-inspiring trails that offer varied landscapes and difficulty levels. The Fairyland Loop is one of our favorites, winding through the mystical Fairyland amphitheater and showcasing remarkable rock formations. Another trail worth exploring is the Mossy Cave Trail, a less strenuous route leading to a unique water-formed cave. For a captivating journey into Bryce Canyon’s heart, the Navajo Loop Trail is a must, offering dramatic views of the park’s famous hoodoos. Each trail at Bryce Canyon provides a unique experience, promising unforgettable adventures and these are just some of our favorites.

Bryce Canyon Hikes You Will Love

You can explore Bryce Canyon by visiting an overlook or hiking for the day. The US is full of national parks, but Bryce Canyon National Park has likely got to be one of the most unique. That’s because of the rock formations that sit in the park and these types of formations are found in few other places around the world.

Just the drive alone along Utah Scenic Byway 12 will give you some of the most stunning landscapes you will see in your life. The 2.5-hour drive between Capitol Reef National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park is one of the most gorgeous drives on this scenic highway. Bryce Canyon is also right next to the larger Zion National Park, which means you can combine a visit to Zion, Capitol Reef, and Bryce Canyon national parks for your holiday.

Beautiful Bryce Canyon Hikes

As with many other national parks, you can stay overnight but you will have to get a permit. You can get a permit from the park’s visitors center. There are many short and easy hikes in the part that you can do so you don’t need to stay overnight if you don’t want to.

Up next we’re going to tell you all about the 12 best Bryce Canyon Hikes You Have to Do. Visit the Bryce Canyon National Park Website for conditions, closures, and permit information.

Popular Hikes in Bryce Canyon Navajo Loop Trail

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