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5 Most Authentic Places to Visit in Dubai


Exploring the breathtaking Burj Khalifa is on the bucket list of many when it comes to places to visit in Dubai. Shopping in the Dubai Mall is also an unforgettable experience. But where do you go for the unique and authentic cultural experiences in the city?

Where to Experience Authentic Dubai

Far from the popular tourist attraction sites in Dubai’s luxury districts and high-end Metropolitan real estate, we introduce you to the places to go to for an experience and immersion into the city’s culture and local heritage. With a mix of traditional markets, historic districts, and restaurants with Emirati cuisine, here are the top five places to see authentic Dubai:

  1. Dubai Museum

There is no better location to educate yourself on the history of Dubai than the Dubai Museum. The museum is located inside the Al Fahidi Fort, originally home to powerful monarchs until 1896. The fort was then renovated in 1971 to become the Dubai Museum and preserve Dubai’s ancient Arab history.

The Dubai Museum exhibits the different phases of life in Dubai from before and after the oil boom in vibrant dioramas. You’ll also experience cultural homesteads, tombs, weapons, and other significant artifacts depicting the evolution of life through the centuries.

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2. Dubai Bazaar

Are you looking for ethnic clothes, food, spices, fabrics, and many other local products in Dubai? Look no further than the Dubai Bazaar, where you will be immersed in the local shopping life in the city — from raw silk clothing, local footwear, Arabian antiques, and handicrafts to gold jewelry and traditional spices.

The Dubai Bazaar is a beautiful contrast to the flashy malls of the city that you must visit for an authentic shopping experience.

Dubai Bazaar

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Dubai souvenirs

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3. Jebel Ali

Located in the shadows of the skyscrapers in Dubai, the Jebel Ali village breathes nostalgia to all visitors.

The Jebel Ali village was set up in 1977, which makes it one of the oldest residential districts in Dubai. The district became home to the first port workers over four decades ago, and with their settlement, they created a multicultural community. Years later, their cultural roots stand strong, and their heritage is still present and celebrated.

Your visit to the Jebel Ali village will have you exploring the houses, churches, mosques, and temples depicting the different cultures of the community.

4. Sufra


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