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Alaska Cruise Packing List – What to Pack for an Alaskan Cruise

Best Things to pack for an Alaskan Cruise

How do you pack for an Alaskan cruise? That is the question. When packing for our first Alaska cruise we had to do some serious thinking. Since then, we’ve taken two other Alaskan cruises plus a cruise to Antarctica and Greenland, so we have learned a lot about packing for polar regions. When traveling to Alaska you have to be prepared for every type of weather. Like other cruises, there are formal nights and cocktail evenings, but in Alaska, days are more casual and the dinner attire is more relaxed. Alaska weather changes quickly, so you will need layers to take on and off as needed.

What To Pack For An Alaska Cruise

Packing for a cruise vacation to Alaska is completely different than a Caribbean cruise. Caribbean cruises are easy to pack for. Throw in swimwear, beachwear flip-flops, and a few smart outfits for evenings and you are good to go. When cruising to Alaska, you will have a mix of hot weather and cold weather, so you need to pack layers.

Weather in Alaska can be unpredictable, ranging from warm and sunny to cold and rainy, often within the same day. Also, onboard the ship, you’ll have a mix of casual and formal events, and you may be participating in shore excursions that go beyond walking tours. You might find yourself on a zodiac or kayak in the middle of a Fjord.

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We’ve taken three different Alaska cruises and our latest took us down the Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska and British Columbia on the Nieuw Amsterdam ship by Holland America Cruise Line. This ship offered the perfect mix of luxury with adventure, but it makes packing a little more involved because you’ll want adventure and activewear, but also some formal and smart casual clothing. Don’t worry, we’ve created the ultimate Alaska Cruise Packing list so you will be comfortable and look good.

We have also taken a cruise to Alaska with Princess Cruises and UnCruise. Princess Cruises is very similar to Holland America Cruise Line, but if you want more of an expedition cruise on a small ship to Alaska, check out our experience with UnCruise.

Alaska Cruise Packing Tips – Layering

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When packing for an Alaska cruise, it is important to think about layering. Southeast Alaska can be very warm during the cruise season, but you are still going to be cruising Arctic waters close to glaciers and icebergs so you’ll want both shorts and t-shirts with a mix of thermal layers and water-resistant…

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