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Marriott Bonvoy Reward-a-Friend Program: Earn Points through Referrals

Marriott Bonvoy Reward-a-Friend Program: Earn Points through Referrals

Marriott Bonvoy has brought back its Reward-a-Friend program, through which existing members can refer friends to the program and both parties can earn bonus points. The new member must complete stays over the course of a year in order for everyone to earn points.

This isn’t the most exciting deal out there, but it’s one worth considering if you have friends that aren’t yet Bonvoy members and have upcoming hotel stays planned.

How Does the Marriott Bonvoy Reward-a-Friend Program Work?

The Marriott Bonvoy Reward-a-Friend program gives both the existing and new members bonus points once the new member signs up and completes some stays.

To refer friends or family, existing members can head to the landing page and send email invitations to up to five people. The referrer also needs to provide the invitee with their full name and Bonvoy number, so the invitee can include them when they sign up – otherwise, nobody will receive extra points.

After the invitee signs up, both parties will earn 2,000 Bonvoy points when the new member completes a stay in their first year as a member, up to a maximum of five stays.

Therefore, the new member stands to earn up to 10,000 points through this offer, while the existing member can earn up to 50,000 points if all five of their invitees complete five stays each.

It’s important to note that a stay is defined as one or more consecutive nights at participating properties, and that both cash and award redemptions count. The stays must be completed within one year of joining the program, so there’s plenty of time to maximize the offer.

Keep in mind that multiple nights under a single booking counts as a single stay, and consecutive nights at a single property will count as one stay, even if you make separate bookings per night.

Therefore, if your friend has a planned stay in a city for multiple nights, you may want to suggest that they do some hotel hopping to maximize their earning.

Each person may refer up to five people per calendar year, which means that you can technically refer five people between now and the end of 2023, and then five more in 2024. 

There’s no expiry date posted for this promotion, so it could be something that Marriott Bonvoy offers for a brief period of time, or it could be in place for quite a while. Therefore, it’s best to refer first and ask questions later if you have anyone that can stand to benefit.

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