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Our Guide to Scilla | Calabria’s Prettiest Fishing Village — ALONG DUSTY ROADS

Our Guide to Scilla | Calabria's Prettiest Fishing Village — ALONG DUSTY ROADS

Piazza San Rocco / Up in San Giorgio, this Piazza has a quite a lot of free parking area in front of the church. Some brave souls may opt for the free roadside parking round the corner on the hill if it’s full, but we’ll leave it up to you. Find it here on Google Maps. There’s also free roadside parking along Via Manasi (maps).

From Piazza San Rocco, you can take the lift down for €1 per person.

Chianalea Parking / Follow the SS18 to this junction (maps), where there’s a blue sign ‘Chianalea 1’. You’ll see cars parked for free in a lay-by here, but if you take the road down you’ll quickly arrive at an old tunnel which acts a car park (not sure if it’s paid, legal, or not but there is a machine at the entrance!) and then emerge out onto a dozen or so designated blue line parking spots.

Not long after this, it’s the ZTL zone, so proceed with caution and pay attention!

There are several other pop-up private car parks along the SS18 which charge upward of €10 for the day. A better option may be Parcheggio Area di Sosta San Giuseppe (maps), which has positive reviews.

The above isn’t to put you off trying to park by Chianalea, but just letting you know that it’s more confusing, expensive, and challenging to access/exit that the others we suggested above. If your accommodation is there and you’re arriving with a rental car, we highly recommend asking them for a recommendation as they may have private parking for guest!

Porto di Scilla / You will also see cars parked here and it is accessible via the tunnel linking it and Marina Grande. However, we strongly recommend against venturing there with your vehicle though as we’re pretty certain it’s also ZTL area, and any parking isn’t for visitors – if we’re wrong though, let us know!

For nervous drivers, those looking to avoid the stress of finding a space in summer, or people with campers, a new alternative is the old football pitch that’s been transformed into a large car park (maps). It’s well outside the centre, but has a free shuttle bus every 20-30 minutes (8am-2pm) , taking you to/from Piazza San Rocco in San Giorgio.

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