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An Epic 7 Day Peloponnese Road Trip Itinerary For 2023

car by side of the road with coastline views

When most people think of Greece, they’re dreaming of sunsets in Santorini, sailing adventures on the cobalt waters of the Mediterranean, or dancing on tabletops in Ios. 

Been there, done that. (And I recommend it!)

But for those looking for an off-the-beaten-path adventure, I highly recommend a Peloponnese road trip.

Now I’m a more mature traveler (can I barf at that?) I’m looking for travel adventures that go beyond stunning beaches and views.

So, I was thrilled at the opportunity to explore the Peloponnese region of Greece thanks to TBEX. 

Briefly, TBX is one of the biggest travel blogging conferences in the world and they are usually held in lesser-known destinations. I spoke at the event, and like any good Aussie, I used that as an opportunity to explore the region more in-depth. There is no way I’m flying more than 8 hours and NOT staying longer! 

crowds covering bar with a view
TBEX closing party – Kastraki Castle Bar

I’m so glad I did. I had a fantastic adventure that took me to the ancient wonders of Corinth and Acrocorinth to the charming coastal town of Nafplio, the picturesque vineyards of Nemea, and the vibrant city of Kalamata.

In this post, I’ll share information on the highlights of a road trip of the Peloponnese, things to do, practical tips on car rental, where to stay, and offer a 7-day itinerary outline based upon my own personal experiences (and lessons learned). If you find it helpful, please share it with a friend!


You’ll find more information on the following below, but to make it easy for you, here are our top recommendations for your pre-trip booking.

Why Visit the Peloponnese?

caz smiling at camera with views of nafplio and sea behind her
Nafplio – the first capital of Greece

You may have heard of the Peloponnese: Think Sparta, St Paul, kalamata olives, Greek mythology, and so much more. 

This region of Greece only two hours west of Athens offers a perfect blend of history, natural beauty, and authentic Greek culture. You’ll find ancient archaeological sites, breathtaking mountainous and coastal landscapes, delicious food and award winning wine.

I was surprised at the diverse travel offerings and how lush and scenically beautiful it was. 

It is possible to explore the Peloponnese using public transport, or even on a guided tour, but I wanted the freedom to explore at my own pace, uncover hidden gems, and immerse myself in the local way of life.

Plus, a mom who’s traveled with her kids for 15 years, seven of those full time, I wanted an easy travel…

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