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Unique stays: 10 of the most unusual surf stays in the UK

Unique stays: 10 of the most unusual surf stays in the UK

Surf holidays don’t have to mean noisy backpacker lodges and sticky floors. Those craving the regenerative benefits of sand and sea can book some truly unique British surf stays to rival anything abroad. Near world-class waves and areas of outstanding natural beauty abound right here in the UK.

Surfing has long been used as a form of therapy for mental and physical ailments, with surfers the world over claiming it has rehabilitative and restorative effects. Studies have suggested surfing releases stress, relieves anxiety and even helps to treat PTSD. So, planning a trip could offer the ideal outdoor wellbeing boost.

Once you’ve enjoyed riding the waves, bed up in one of these quirky, strange and extraordinary stays. From island getaways in Cornwall and cottages in the Outer Hebrides to bubble domes in Northern Ireland and sleeper carriages in Wales, we’ve got all corners of the UK covered. Keep scrolling and get your unique surf stay booked straightaway.

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Kudhva cabins, Trebarwith, England

The small but cleverly designed pods are made 100 per cent sustainably


Raised above the ground on wooden stilts, these off-grid spaceship-like hideouts have 180-degree views of the surrounding wild willow forests and the Atlantic Ocean in the distance. The small but cleverly designed pods are made 100 per cent sustainably – inside are raised natural wood beds and floor to ceiling windows for sunrise watching.

There’s a wood-fired hot tub on-site for relaxing post-surf, plus a 40-foot waterfall and a 43-acre slate quarry to explore. Intermediate to advanced surfing beach Trebawith Strand is one mile away. Try the Kudhva cocktail, made from local hand-picked botanicals: wild strawberries, gorse flowers, spotted orchids, cotton grass, honeysuckle, king ferns, wood violets and water mint.

Sleeps two, from £123 per night.

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The House on The Island, Newquay, England

The island is accessed via a suspension bridge

(Boutique Retreats)

Situated atop a chunk of cliff separated from the mainland, and accessed via a suspension bridge, this island is completely isolated and surrounded by water at high tide. Once on the island, you can relax outside in a hammock and enjoy the sea air, or cosy up with a cuppa in the conservatory. The sheltered Towan beach below is the place to learn how to ride waves.

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