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10 Best Countries for Food in 2023: A Travel Guide for Foodies

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As foodies, finding the best countries for food has been our mission for the past 12 years. Ever since we landed in Bangkok and had our first spicy Thai curry and pad Thai on the street, we were hooked. Since then, we’ve spent our time travelling searching for the countries with the best food.

We’ve eaten at Michelin-starred restaurants and from the back of food trucks. We’ve met chefs and street food vendors. We’ve taken food tours in pretty much every country we’ve visited and we’ve formed an obsession with food.

While we’re on the road, we’re always waiting for our next meal. Sometimes, when we’re travelling in a country with one of the best cuisines in the world, we hope that we’ll never get full so we can keep sampling the incredible dishes!

The 10 Best Countries for Food

Food has long been one of the best ways to understand culture. The dinner table is where customs are born. Where friends, families and lovers meet to create memories. Many religions revolve around food, with the gods appreciating food offerings.

Food is the best way to truly glimpse a nation’s soul, and having the opportunity to eat with local people and share their cuisine is a very personal and honourable experience.

If you’re like us and you love to travel and eat, then you’ll love this post. I’ve put together our top 10 countries for food, as well as our favourite dishes from each, so that you can plan your foodie travels this year.

Here it goes, the 10 best countries for food!

1. India

A table full of Indian food

India easily makes this list of the countries with the best food because it’s easily one of the most internationally eaten and best cuisines in the world.

Just thinking about the aromas of a spicy Indian curry gets my mouth watering. Pair that with the incredible variety of bread and ancient cooking methods and you have some of the best food in the world.

Whenever we’re planning a trip to India, we also plan to be vegetarian for the entire time we’re there. There are so many incredible vegetarian and vegan meals in India that you really don’t have to eat meat.

Few other ethnic foods have infiltrated the prized spot of a national dish in another country, but chicken tikka masala (although not strictly Indian) has found that honour in England. But there’s much more to Indian cuisine than tandoori chicken and tomato-based curries.

Flaky paratha bread, fluffy pav baji buns with curry, fragrant biryanis, spicy…

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