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22 Best Places to Visit in Sicily (for every kind of traveler!)

beach chairs perched on a black rocky beach in Stromboli, Italy.

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If you’re looking for the best places to visit in Sicily, you’ve got a fantastic trip ahead of you. Sicily is like nowhere else on Earth. Sure, it’s Italy, but like if you cranked the volume up — wild and passionate, bursting with music and laughter and lava.

The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily has so much to offer, whether you’re looking for some of the finest beaches in Italy or some of the best preserved Greek ruins in Europe.

So. You know you want to visit Sicily. But where should you go? That’s where I come in.

I’ve spent many trips traveling in Sicily and many years advising travelers. I’m even a Sicilian American who visited my great-grandfather’s home village in Sicily. In this post, you’ll find out some of the best destinations in Sicily to add to your itinerary.

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Best Places to Visit in Sicily

How many places should you visit in Sicily? Honestly, it depends on how much time you have. But no matter how much time you have, I recommend visiting lots of different kinds of destinations.

What does that mean? Mix in a city (Palermo or Catania or Siracusa, perhaps), a natural wonder (Mount Etna, Aeolian Islands, Pantelleria), a seaside/beach destination if visiting during the warmer months (San Vito Lo Capo, Cefalu, Aci Trezza), some ruins (Segesta, Agrigento, Siracusa), and a stunning smaller city (Ragusa, Taormina, Modica).

My biggest tip is to rent a car for your trip to Sicily. This is the best way to get around Sicily. With a car, you can head out for the morning and visit several different places before returning home for the night. You’ll be able to see so much more than you would by public transportation. (Be sure to read my guide to driving in Italy before your trip.)

Okay, let’s take a look at the best places to visit in Sicily!

Aerial view of ruins in Taormina, one of the best places to visit in Sicily


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Taormina is a beautiful town and one of the best places to visit on the east coast of Sicily. Situated on a hill overlooking the Ionian Sea, it sits peacefully, at a safe distance from Mt Etna, one of…

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