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15 Best Tools for Social Media Managers in 2023

best social media management tools

Tools for social media managers are necessary for staying on top of client work, completing projects by due dates, scheduling content, and communicating efficiently with clients.

I’ve been a freelance social media manager for several years now, and I’m here to help you save you time and headaches!

I’ve tried out numerous paid and free social media management tools over the years, and I’ve finally nailed down my favourites that I use day in and day out.

15 Best Tools for Social Media Managers

Utilize these tools to keep your organized and less stressed!

There are tons of programs and apps out there, and many entry-level workers will find themselves trying numerous tools for social media managers. This can be time-consuming, and quite often, the program doesn’t actually work in your favour.

Different social media management tools work better for certain applications, so it’s a good idea to know what you need it for and what you need it to be able to do.

What Are Social Media Management Tools?

Tools for social media managers fall into many types. One of the most important are programs that allow social media managers to post to several profiles (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) from one place. These programs simplify the process of managing social media: creating, publishing, analyzing, and more all in one place.

Other tools used by social media managers are graphic design apps, cloud storage programs such as Google Drive, and communication apps.

Here are the 15 tools for social media managers that you should start utilizing in your business.

1. Fanbooster

Social media manager working with laptop and smartphone

First up is Fanbooster. This is what I like to call one of the “underground” tools for social media managers because almost nobody knows about it.

I’m in countless Facebook groups with other social media managers who are always looking for the best reporting tool, and Fanbooster is it.

While Fanbooster can be a bit pricey if you only have one or two clients, it’s really cost-effective once you have at least five.

For instance, I use the smallest package subscription and pay about $50 per month. But with all my clients, it ends up not being that high of a cost per client, and I build the software cost into my management packages.

What makes Fanbooster so amazing is that you can schedule recurring reports, so if you have a client on a three-month contract, you can save yourself the headache of doing it manually.

Fanbooster will pull…

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