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American tourist in Paris reveals how she ‘accidentally’ spent $100 on ‘disgusting’ breakfast

American tourist in Paris reveals how she ‘accidentally’ spent $100 on ‘disgusting’ breakfast

Traveling to different countries also means getting to experience different foods.

However, an American tourist recently documented her experience eating breakfast in Paris, which ended up costing her $100 and which has since sparked a debate on TikTok over which country makes better breakfast food.

Dasia Jacobs, who goes by the username @dasiavu__ on the platform, made a video during her trip to Paris as she vlogged herself grabbing breakfast. The day started off with her walking to a cafe and ordering a glass of orange juice. “It was actually tasty and I should have drunk every little inch of it if I would have known what was gonna happen,” she said, indicating that the meal would go downhill from there.

She then showed her viewers the French toast she ordered, which appeared to be one thick piece of bread covered in fruit and ice cream. A look of fear came across her face as she said in a voice-over, “What the frick is that?” she asked viewers as she showed off the plate of food. “Disgusting. Zero out of 10.”

Jacobs pointed to a cluster of red berries on the plate, which she said looked like “the fake fruit on those little trees”. The berries were most similar to red currants, which are native to western Europe and are less common in the United States.

A common difference between French toast in France and the US is that France typically uses stale bread and the dish is made much sweeter to the point of almost being considered a dessert, rather than a breakfast dish.

Alongside her main course, Jacobs also ordered a side of bacon with her breakfast which was given to her on a separate plate. “It was tasty-ish. But it was super fatty and now my stomach hurts, not gonna lie to you,” she said. Typically in Europe it’s common for the bacon to be thicker in comparison to American bacon, which is normally served crispy.

After giving up on her cafe breakfast, which cost her $48, she decided to try her luck at her hotel’s buffet-style breakfast selection, which she assumed would be free and included in the price of her room. She filmed herself eating a slice of watermelon, a croissant, a pancake, some cheese, and a piece of salami, and then said she was charged $52.50. Combined with her $48 cafe breakfast, Jacobs paid a total of $100 for breakfast that day.

“Are you freaking joking? I was sick, y’all, I had to go to bed,”…

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