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Best holiday destinations in Oman 2023

Best holiday destinations in Oman 2023

If you’re looking to explore a country of vast deserts, vibrant cities and attractive coastline, Oman may just be what you’re after. The nation lies on the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, and is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Gulf.

Oman is a country steeped in history but also one embracing modernity. The capital, Muscat, is a thriving coastal city that showcases the success of the country’s strong modernisation process. Conversely, the town of Nizwa still bears witness to times gone by, giving visitors an excellent insight into Omani culture. The towering Hajar Mountains dominate the landscape around these cities, while a expanse of desert lies in between, and along the coast there are white sand beaches to be found.

With such a destination of such depth, it can be hard to know how to plan a holiday. We’ve made it easier for you, finding the best places to add to your Oman itinerary.


Muscat is surrounded by mountains and desert

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Oman’s ancient capital is located in the north of the country. It sits on the Gulf of Oman and is backed by the imposing Hajar Mountains, giving the city surroundings that are equally as picturesque as its white-washed buildings and striking architecture.

The most impressive of this architecture is the Grand Mosque. Completed in 2001, it showcases modern Islamic design and has space for over 20,000 worshippers. The sultan’s own palace is a modest building, with a retro style, from the mushroom pillars to the Disneyesque colonnade. Across from it, the National Museum is the choice for those looking to delve into the country’s history, with exhibits exploring Omani heritage as far back as pre-historic times. 

A wander around the city will take you past a mix of modern shops and restaurants, elegant hotels, colourful mosques and traditional buildings. This is especially true in Muttrah, where the mazy streets of the Muttrah Souk lie near the waterside corniche promenade.

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Nizwa is an ancient city known for its fort

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Once a religiously conservative and isolationist city, Nizwa has developed into one of the main tourist destinations in the country. Its religious history is still visible through the many mosque domes and minarets, while honey-hued sarooj buildings…

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