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Wombat’s burrow B&B to open for those wanting a subterranean hideaway

Wombat’s burrow B&B to open for those wanting a subterranean hideaway

Fancy a night in a wombat’s burrow? A quirky B&B is opening for Brits who have accidentally dug themselves into a travel hole over the summer.

People who confess to their silliest holiday blunders could be in with a chance of getting to stay at this cosy crib.

The ‘B&Burrow’, designed to resemble a wombat’s warren, is nestled among the dramatic landscape and ancient woodlands of the Mendip Hills, one of the UK’s areas of outstanding natural beauty.

The unique subterranean hideaway is characterised by snug tunnel-style living chambers, with design imagery showing a crawl-through kid’s entrance and bathroom with plush fluffy dressing gowns.

It was created by Compare the Market to celebrate its characters, including mishap-prone Carl the Wombat, after research found 46 per cent of adults have made an accidental travel mistake – from booking tickets on the wrong date, to missing flights entirely.

The poll of 2,000 adults who have been on holiday at least once, found 33 per cent have got on public transport going in the wrong direction.

And six per cent have even turned up at the airport on the wrong date.

A quarter (26 per cent) also made the mistake of missing a turning while driving, meaning they were late.

Ursula Gibbs, director at the price comparison website, said: “If you’ve had what we’ve affectionately coined a ‘wombat moment’ – our B&Burrow is a unique retreat to soothe hapless holidaymakers, who’ve accidentally made a mishap while travelling.

“Despite his best intentions, our character Carl the Wombat sometimes doesn’t get it quite right.

“Our research shows a lot of us can relate on some level, from accidentally getting on the wrong bus to forgetting our passports for an international flight.

“At the end of the day, life is about learning from our mishaps and making great decisions for ourselves.”

When it comes to travel blunders, the research found 47 per cent of those who have made a mishap found themselves out of pocket as a result.

On average, this costs consumers £143 each time, although some unlucky travellers had to stump up £1,000 or more.

The burrow also features a distinctive cube-shaped loo, as a nod to wombats being the only species in the world which produce square-shaped poo, while a luxury hot top can be found near the entrance, with plenty of places to bask in the sun.

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