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Air Canada Improves eUpgrades and Status Passes

Air Canada Improves eUpgrades and Status Passes

Air Canada has announced improvements to some of the benefits offered through its Aeroplan Elite Status program. 

Members can now use eUpgrades for more passengers, and Status Passes are more flexible.

Use Air Canada eUpgrades for More Passengers

As of August 1, 2023, passengers have been able to make eUpgrade requests for up to two passengers on the same booking in advance of a flight.

Furthermore, it’s now possible to make eUpgrade requests for up to two additional passengers on the day of travel. 

With today’s announcement, these features have become official, even though the enhancements were launched at the beginning of the month.

Previously, it was only possible to use eUpgrades in advance for one additional passenger travelling on the same booking, as well as one other passenger requested on the day of travel. In total, you could use eUpgrades for up to three passengers from one account this way (except for Super Elites, who also have an eUpgrade nominee).

These changes make it possible to request eUpgrades for up to five passengers from the same account: the account holder, up to two passengers travelling on the same booking as the account holder (requested in advance), and up to two more passengers travelling on the same flight as the account holder (requested on the day of travel).

For Super Elites, the total number of passengers with whom they can share eUpgrades on the same flight is now up to six, with all of the above plus their eUpgrade nominee.

There are no changes to the method by which eUpgrades are requested. In advance of a flight, you can make a request on your eUpgrade dashboard, and on the day of travel, you can make the request with an Air Canada agent at the airport.

Air Canada Status Passes Now Apply to All Confirmed Bookings

Air Canada has also made some changes to the range of flights that are eligible for a Status Pass.

Previously, Status Passes could only be used for bookings with travel on or before the expiration date of the Status Pass, which was usually December 31. 

Now, Status Passes may be applied to a confirmed booking on any date in the future, as long as the Status Pass was applied on or before its expiration date. 

For example, previously, if a Status Pass was set to expire on December 31, 2023, it could only be used for bookings on or before December 31, 2023. It wouldn’t have been valid for bookings on January 1, 2024, or any time…

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