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How Does the Chase Aeroplan Card Elite Status Level Up Benefit Work?

How Does the Chase Aeroplan Card Elite Status Level Up Benefit Work?

The US-issued Chase Aeroplan Card is an incredibly strong Aeroplan co-branded credit card, and is the only one available outside Canada.

One of the key perks offered on the card is the Elite Status Level Up benefit, through which you can maintain or boost your Aeroplan Elite Status by completing an annual minimum spending requirement.

What Is the Chase Aeroplan Card Elite Status Level Up Benefit?

The Elite Status Level Up benefit is one of the most powerful features available on the Chase Aeroplan Card.

In fact, it’s a feature that’s exclusively found on the Chase Aeroplan Card, and isn’t available on any other Aeroplan co-branded credit card.

By spending at least $50,000 (all figures in USD) in a calendar year, you’ll unlock the Level Up benefit, which boosts the Aeroplan Elite Status you have at the start of the upcoming benefit year up by one level.

For example, if you organically qualify for Aeroplan 35K status in 2023 and spend $50,000 on your Chase Aeroplan Card in 2023, you’ll enjoy a one-level boost to Aeroplan 50K status for 2024.

The Level Up benefit only applies to the status that you’d have otherwise earned for the next year, rather than your current elite status level.

As a reminder, Aeroplan has five elite status levels: 25K, 35K, 50K, 75K, and Super Elite.

If you’re currently an Aeroplan 50K member, but only qualify for 25K status for the next year, the Level Up benefit will bump you up to 35K status, and not 75K status.

Furthermore, if you’ve spent $50,000 on the Chase Aeroplan Card in a calendar year, you’d already have earned Aeroplan 35K status. This is because upon spending $15,000 in any calendar year, you’ll automatically receive Aeroplan 25K status as a benefit offered on the Chase Aeroplan Card.

Therefore, by spending $50,000 each year, you’re guaranteed Aeroplan 35K status at the bare minimum: 25K status by spending $15,000, and 35K status by spending $50,000 and unlocking the Level Up benefit.

However, if you already enjoy an Aeroplan Elite Status level higher than 25K, then the Level Up benefit will increase you one level above that.

If you’re already a Super Elite, there isn’t a status tier to which you can elevate with the Level Up benefit. Instead, you’ll be able to gift Aeroplan 50K status to anyone of your choosing.

It’s important to note that the one-level status increase doesn’t apply to any Level Up status you may…

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