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The Best Things to Do in Seville, Spain

best things to do in seville spain Plaza de España

With a population of just under 700,000, you may be surprised to find out just how many amazing attractions there are in Seville. I would dare to say that there are far more things to do in Seville than in many cities in Spain, including Barcelona and Madrid and I always look forward to returning. Part of that reason could be because of Seville’s history.

Located in the southern region of Spain in Andalusia, this beautiful Spanish City was an important hub during the rule of the Muslim Moors and then later, once the New World was discovered, it played a direct role in commerce. This allowed the city to become even richer and has left us with some amazing monuments.

Best Things to Do in Seville

Over the past few years, more and more people have been finding out what all of the fuss is about in Seville. The city is seeing a large increase in visitors and prices have been soaring. But, there is so much to see and thankfully, a lot of things to do in Seville are free! Here is my list of thins to do in Seville with many being free things to help you save money.

Planning Your Trip To Seville Right Now?

These are the top tours and activities in Seville. Don’t forget to plan ahead when visiting Seville!

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Plaza de España

No trip to Seville would be complete without a visit to the Plaza de España. This square has become a symbol of the city, and the best part is, it’s completely free. Situated in the heart of Maria Luisa Park, the Plaza de España is a semi-circular brick building, Renaissance/neo-Moorish in style, and serves as one of Seville’s most iconic landmarks.

The massive U-shaped building feels completely Andalusian. Plaza de España combines a long history of local styles – Baroque, Renaissance, and Mudejar – into one unique creation. Its bridges represent the four ancient kingdoms of Spain and the canals in front give it the nickname ‘Venice of Seville’.

Tourists flock here to admire its intricate tilework which represents different provinces of Spain.

best things to do in seville spain Plaza de España row boat
Seville, Spain

If you haven’t been to Seville but recognize the plaza, it might be because you have seen it on the big screen. Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones and…

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