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35 of the Best Things to Do in Moab, Utah (2023)

Delicate Arch Utah

Wondering what activities and attractions you can’t miss in the outdoor recreation capital of Utah? Our guide to the best things to do in Moab is just what you need!

Looking for an unforgettable destination that combines breathtaking natural wonders with thrilling outdoor activities? Look no further than Moab!

Nestled in the heart of Utah, just a short drive from Salt Lake City, Moab is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. With its stunning landscapes, including the world-famous Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, there’s no shortage of awe-inspiring sights to explore.

But that’s not all – Moab offers so much more than just scenic beauty. From adrenaline-pumping rock climbing to the charming vibes of downtown Moab, this desert town has something for everyone.

So, grab your hiking boots and let’s dive into a list of incredible things to do in Moab that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime!

The Best Things to Do in Moab, Utah

When visiting Moab, a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers, there are plenty of exciting activities to enjoy.

Here’s a list of the top 35 activities for travelers visiting Moab:

Explore Arches National Park And Hike to Delicate Arch

Arches National Park is a natural wonderland that captivates visitors with its iconic and awe-inspiring sandstone arches. At the heart of Arches National Park lies the breathtaking Delicate Arch, a symbol of Utah and a marvel of nature.

Hiking to Delicate Arch rewards adventurers with a surreal sight—a massive freestanding arch framed by a backdrop of sweeping desert vistas. As the sunlight dances on the red rocks, the arch seems to defy gravity, standing as a testament to the incredible forces of erosion and time.

This majestic natural wonder draws visitors from around the world, who come to witness the mesmerizing beauty and contemplate the profound artistry of nature.

Standing in the presence of Delicate Arch is a humbling experience, evoking a sense of wonder and reminding us of the timeless power and magnificence of the natural world and is one of the top things to do in Moab.

Delicate Arch is one of the most photographed spots in Utah!

Explore Dead Horse Point State Park for Views of the Colorado River

Dead Horse Point State Park, located near Moab, Utah, offers visitors a mesmerizing vantage point to witness the power and beauty of the Colorado River.

Standing on the edge of the park’s namesake…

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