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8 Day Danube River Cruise (itinerary Guide On Avalon)

Ladt looking out the window of a cruise ship towards a bridge

Sponsored by Avalon Waterways

Are you considering a Danube River Cruise and wondering what the experience will be like? We’re here to tell you, it’s a wonderful way of traveling that makes the journey as fun and interesting as the destination.

Hello Budapest!

One of the things we loved about our first European river cruise wass the ability to visit multiple destinations in multiple countries.

We recently partnered with Avalon Waterways on their 8 Day Legendary Danube Cruise which typically goes from Nuremberg, Germany to Budapest, Hungary, passing through Austria, with the option of visiting the Czech Republic for a day!

Our cruise in late June was altered slightly as the Danube River was unusually low (hello global warming), which meant the ship could not get into Nuremberg. We departed instead from Vilshofen, about 2-hours southeast of Nuremberg.

Where it all started, Vilshofen, Germany

Avalon were excellent about this unexpected itinerary change, compensating everyone by offering the opportunity to take the optional excursion to Salzburg or Czech Republic at no additional cost and giving everybody 30 Euro to spend in Regensburg.

Making sure you’re happy is something I’ve seen time and time again with Globus’ range of brands.

In our previous posts we shared what the Avalon Waterways experience is like onboard the ship, and why it was a great European river cruise for families.

In this post, we are going to dive more into detail for each day of the 8-day itinerary, sharing the different excursions we did and experiences we had.

A Note on Land Excursions

Dad and two daughters biking on a bridge over a river
Biking in Vienna was one of our favorite land activities.

With each stop on the cruise, you can choose from 2-3 excursions ranging from traditional guided city tours, to hiking and biking adventures, and more specific optional experiences like food and wine tours.

Traveling as a family of four was great as we could split up and choose activities to suit all our interests. For kids over the age of 16, they can also go off and do tours on their own. It was great as it gave us different dinner conversations as we each shared our experiences and could live vicariously through each other. 

This also meant, as content creators, we could gather even more insights to share with you which will help you make a better decision about which tours will be best for you!

Why cruise on the Danube River?

Lady on a river cruise ship looking at the scenery
The Wachau Valley in Austria is a highlight of the Danube

The Danube River is often referred to as the…

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