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Air Canada Status Pass: Share Your Elite Benefits with Others

Air Canada Status Pass: Share Your Elite Benefits with Others

One unique feature of Air Canada’s Aeroplan Elite Status is the Status Pass, which allows Aeroplan 50K, Aeroplan 75K, and Aeroplan Super Elite members to bestow a series of travel benefits upon their friends and family members even when they aren’t travelling together.

Status Passes can be very helpful and valuable to the recipients, especially for larger groups of people travelling on a single reservation. Let’s take a look at how it all works.

What Is a Status Pass?

A Status Pass gives the opportunity to share some of the perks of having Aeroplan Elite Status with others. 

A Status Pass can be applied to any reservation, including Aeroplan award tickets, as long as one flight on the itinerary is operated by Air Canada. A single Status Pass applies to an entire reservation, meaning that up to nine passengers on the same reservation can all enjoy benefits.

Once a Status Pass has been applied, the travellers on the reservation will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Complimentary checked baggage: up to three bags of 32kg each
  • Priority check-in prior to Air Canada flights
  • Priority baggage handling on Air Canada flights
  • Priority security clearance at select airports when departing on Air Canada flights
  • Maple Leaf Lounge and Air Canada Café access
  • Priority airport standby
  • Priority boarding as part of the Zone 2 boarding group

These are on par with the standard benefits of an Aeroplan 50K member. However, it’s important to note that a Status Pass will not confer upgrade priority or any benefits on partner airlines (such as access to Star Alliance airlines around the world other than Maple Leaf Lounges).

How to Earn Status Passes

Status Passes are available as a Select Benefit for Aeroplan 50K, Aeroplan 75K, and Aeroplan Super Elite members to choose every year, starting in January. The number of Status Passes available depends on your level of Aeroplan Elite Status:

  • Aeroplan 50K: 2 Status Passes
  • Aeroplan 75K: 3 Status Passes
  • Aeroplan Super Elite: 4 Status Passes

In addition, top-tier Aeroplan Super Elite members receive a set of two Status Passes as part of their Core Benefits each year, without the need to forgo other potential Select Benefits in favour of the Status Pass.

Members with Aeroplan 25K or 35K status cannot earn Status Passes.

How to Redeem Status Passes

Status Passes are easy to redeem. The entire process happens straight from your Aeroplan dashboard.


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