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Air Canada eUpgrades: Fly Business Class for the Price of Economy

Air Canada eUpgrades: Fly Business Class for the Price of Economy

eUpgrades are Air Canada’s in-house currency for passengers with Aeroplan Elite Status who wish to upgrade to a higher class of service on flights with Air Canada. eUpgrades may be used on both cash and Aeroplan reward bookings.

In this guide, we’ll go over, in detail, everything you need to know about eUpgrades, including: how to earn eUpgrades, the eUpgrade charts, eUpgrade clearance windows, how to apply eUpgrades to a booking, how to waitlist for an eUpgrade, sharing eUpgrades with other passengers, and some possible downsides to using eUpgrades.

What Are Air Canada eUpgrades?

eUpgrades are a special currency earned by Air Canada’s elite frequent flyers who have attained Aeroplan Elite Status. Air Canada gives eUpgrades as a token of appreciation for its customers’ loyalty.

If you don’t have Aeroplan Elite Status, you won’t find any eUpgrades at your disposal. eUpgrades can’t be purchased, transferred, or earned in any other way.

eUpgrades may be used to upgrade into a higher class of service on Air Canada flights. For example, they may be used to upgrade from the economy cabin to the premium economy cabin, from economy to business class, or from premium economy to business class.

eUpgrades can’t be used on any other airline — they can only be used on Air Canada flights.

You can only use eUpgrades on flights with Air Canada

You can use eUpgrades if you’ve paid for your flight with either cash or Aeroplan points. Make sure you attach your Aeroplan number to your flight booking, as this will ensure your eUpgrades are available to you.

eUpgrades can be shared with other passengers, but only in specific circumstances. There’s a limit as to how many people you can share your eUpgrades with and several other nuances, which are covered in detail further in this guide.

eUpgrades have an expiry date, and can only be used for travel that takes place before they expire. For example, if you have eUpgrades that expire on January 15, 2023, you can’t use them for a flight that departs on January 16, 2023 or any time thereafter.

Even if you have a confirmed eUpgrade, there’s a chance that you’ll end up in your original booking class. The only way to confirm a seat in business class or premium economy with 100% certainty is to book directly in business class or premium economy to begin with.

We’ll expand on all of the above information throughout this guide,…

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