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MSR Guardian Gravity Water Purifier Review & Field Test

Unboxing the MSR Guardian Gravity Water Purifier: An Honest Review

Water. It’s quite important, isn’t it? We humans are made of around 55%-60% of the stuff, and we need to keep topping it up otherwise we’ll shrivel like a dried prune and expire unpleasantly.

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere you have access to clean drinking water, achieving your daily recommended intake of H2O is fairly straightforward. Grab your favorite receptacle, turn on the tap, and voilà – a cool glass of Adam’s ale.

But what about when you’re traveling? What about if you live somewhere there isn’t any clean drinking water? Perhaps you’re camping for several days off the grid? Or maybe you’re in a region that is infamous for its waterborne diseases and other microscopic nasties?

Enter the MSR Guardian Gravity Water Purifier. With military-grade construction, this device promises to filter your water supply and make it clean and safe to drink. It guarantees to remove viruses and other contaminants for your peace of mind.

Whether you’re in the field, in a hotel room, or in an emergency situation. This could be the difference between survival and the opposite of survival. Or a quenched thirst and dehydration, at the very least.

The travel and adventure gods have smiled on me recently, and an MSR Guardian Purifier landed in my lap. As such, I thought I would do an unbiased review of this high-end water filter. From unboxing to testing on the beautiful Namakogan River in Northern Wisconsin, I will walk you through my experience.

Is it easy to use? Is it portable? Who is it for? And, most importantly, does it work? Let’s dive right into our MSR Guardian Gravity Water Purifier Review.

Unboxing the MSR Guardian Gravity Water Purifier: An Honest Review

Who Is Mountain Safety Research?

Mountain Safety Research Logo

Mountain Safety Research, or MSR for short, is a legendary backpacking company established and headquartered in Seattle. Founded in 1969 by mountaineer Larry Penberthy, they have developed a reputation for designing super lightweight camping, hiking, and mountaineering equipment. I have one of their two-man hiking tents and it’s outstanding.

Always innovating, MSR strives to push the boundaries of gear technology. With a focus on durable, safe, and reliable products, they have risen to be one of the best outdoor companies in the world. And while their stuff isn’t cheap, you get what you pay for in this game.

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