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How Does World of Hyatt’s Pay My Way Feature Work?

How Does World of Hyatt's Pay My Way Feature Work?

When planning to book a hotel, it’s best to compare all of your payment options.

In some cases, it makes more sense to pay with cash, while in others, it’s better to redeem points or use a Free Night Award.

World of Hyatt offers members the Pay My Way feature, which lets you customize the way you pay for a booking with any combination of cash, points, and Free Night Awards.

What Is World of Hyatt Pay My Way?

The World of Hyatt Pay My Way feature allows you to book a Hyatt hotel with a combination of cash, points, or Free Night Awards for a multi-night stay, without having to call in or make separate bookings.

In many hotel loyalty programs, it’s either cumbersome or not at all possible to pay for a single booking using a combination of cash, points, and Free Night Awards. Your best bet is usually to make multiple bookings, which sometimes results in having to switch rooms during a stay.

Not only does using World of Hyatt’s Pay My Way feature to book a stay using multiple options save you time, but there are also some strategic uses to get the most out of your points, cash, or Free Night Award certificates.

How Does World of Hyatt Pay My Way Work?

The option to use the Pay My Way feature shows up after you make an initial hotel search.

When searching on the World of Hyatt website, or through the mobile app, you’ll want to make sure the “Use Points” or “Show World of Hyatt Points & Awards” isn’t selected.

After searching for a specific city and selecting your desired hotel, you’ll see a list of room types with the cash price displayed.

From there, select your room type, and you’ll then be given an option to choose “Pay My Way” or “Book Now”.

It’s worth noting that not all room types or hotels offer Pay My Way. If it’s available, you’re only able to use this feature if you select a Member Rate or a Standard Rate.

Even then, it’s usually only the basic rooms that come with the Pay My Way option.

After selecting Pay My Way, you’ll arrive at a screen that lays out all of the options for each night of your stay.

With Pay My Way, you should see up to four options: the cash rate, any eligible Free Night Awards, the cost in points, and a combination of points and cash.

If you’d like to use a Free Night Award, and you happen to have more than one, you’ll be able to choose which Free Night Award you wish to redeem.

Once you make your selection,…

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