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30 Best Puerto Rico Beaches To Visit in 2023

Top Beaches in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is heaven on Earth. The tiny island is best known for fresh seafood and beautiful beaches, and what more could you want than the sun, sand, and tasty Puerto Rican food? There are so many reasons you should visit Puerto Rico right away we couldn’t possibly list them all here. If you have already planned a trip, rest assured you’ll soon see that the stunning sandy beaches in Puerto Rico are just one of these reasons. Puerto Rico’s beaches are some of the best beaches in the world.

30 Best Puerto Rico Beaches

In this guide, we’ll narrow Puerto Rico’s amazing beaches down to just the top 30. Whether you are heading to Puerto Rico’s northeast coast near Old San Juan or want a southwest coast spot with calm waves and coconut palm trees, these beaches will tick every box. Get ready for some of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico.

1. Tamarindo Grande Beach

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Tamarindo Grande Beach

Forget beachfront restaurants and the luxury of a water taxi; Tamarindo Grande Beach is remote and entirely run by nature. It is a mission to get there, and you’ll have to first travel to the island of Culebra and then hike on foot from Flamenco Beach along jungle tracks. Quiet, with bright blue waters and regular sea turtle visitors, Tamarindo Grande Beach is the best beach in Puerto Rico to immerse in nature. Bring snorkeling gear, as the beach has beautiful coral reefs and marine life.

  • How to get there: 20-minute hike from Flamenco Beach
  • Where to stay: Aleli Cottages

2. Escambron Beach

Best Puerto Rico Beaches Escambron Beach

Escambron Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Puerto Rico – why? Because it sits right in the center of San Juan, just a short walking distance from Old San Juan. As a much-loved urban beach, it has the safety net of lifeguards to supervise swimmers, and you can enjoy its shallow waters with the relaxing presence of safety in numbers.

Palm trees line Escambron Beach, and it’s a family-friendly beach choice. We had to add it to this guide because it is a firm favorite and one of the most convenient beach options for those who want to stay in busy San Juan.

  • How to get there: Walk from San Juan
  • Where to stay: Caribe Hilton

3. La Playita Cabo Rojo

Best Beaches in Puerto Rico La Playita Cabo Rojo

La Playita Cabo Rojo is one of the smallest of Puerto Rico’s beaches. Blink too slowly, and you’d miss it when glancing over a map. But for those who don’t make that mistake, La Playita Cabo Rojo sits on the west coast and is a brilliant spot for kayaking or paddle boarding.

The beach is tiny, with…

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