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Do Costco Gas Stations Have Diesel?

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Does Costco sell diesel fuel and is it cheaper than other gas stations? Fuel costs are a big part of traveling with your RV. Most of the time, that is actually your biggest cost on the road.

In your search for the best fuel prices, you can end up gathering memberships for a bunch of different discount programs. Then you’re stressing on your drive whether the station here or twenty miles down the road is the cheapest. 

All of that can be pretty stressful, but one thing that has changed our trips for the better has been discovering Costco sells diesel. If you’re anything like us, and didn’t know Costco sold diesel, don’t feel bad.

Part of Costco’s business plan is little to no advertisement to keep costs low. I’ve gathered all the information you need to know about Costco’s diesel fuel stations to get you saving money ASAP!

Do Costco Gas Stations Sell Diesel Fuel?

Yes, thankfully, many Costco gas stations across the United States do have diesel fuel available. The best part, it’s is normally much cheaper than regular fuel stations.

You do have to have a membership to Costco to purchase this fuel, but it is more than worth it since it’s no secret that fuel prices are a big part, and expense in RV life. 

It took us years into our RVing journey to figure out that Costco sold diesel. However, once we did, we were thoroughly impressed. Gas prices vary all across the country, station to station, and sometimes even hour to hour.

Costco has consistently been significantly cheaper than the local average, which you can check on AAA’s National Average Gas Price Map. 

Costco not only gives you discounted prices on diesel but provides you with an easy-to-find Costco diesel gas station locator on their website. (We have a link to the locator further down in the article). This makes it even simpler to access amazing discounts for your fuel while traveling. 

What Brand Of Diesel Does Costco Sell?

Costco sells Kirkland Signature brand diesel, a product of Top Tier diesel fuel, at its stations. Kirkland Signature is Costco’s name brand of its products and is part of the reason it can provide such a discounted rate for fuel. 

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