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Is It Worth the Price?

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At one time, traveling Europe by train was every budget traveler’s goal. You’d stuff as much as possible into a backpack, stay at hostels throughout the continent, and let Europe’s extensive train system take you everywhere.

Nowadays, thanks to Ryanair and other budget airlines, traveling by train in Europe isn’t always the cheapest. Today, there are a handful of things to consider before getting on board with the Eurail Pass.

When you start looking at whether a Eurail Pass is worth it, one of the first surprises you’ll encounter is that your rail pass isn’t the only pass or ticket you might need while traveling in Europe. Sure, your pass will get you from Paris to Milan without any hassles, but you’ll need to learn how to use Milan’s public transportation system while exploring the town.

However, just because your Eurail Pass isn’t good everywhere you might travel in Europe doesn’t mean it’s a waste of money. On the contrary, you might find that the unlimited train travel Eurail Pass is exactly what you need to get the most out of your European travels.

Let’s look at what makes the Eurail Pass great, why you might want to purchase one, and the alternatives you might want to consider should your plans not mesh perfectly with what the Eurail Pass provides.

What is a Eurail Pass?

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A Eurail Pass is a reusable train pass that allows unlimited rides with several participating train networks throughout Europe. Passes are valid from four days to three months and are offered as a single country or global pass. You may use your global pass in 33 different European countries.

The Eurail Pass was introduced in 1959 and was initially usable in 13 different countries by foreign travelers to Europe. Eventually, the Eurail company would also introduce a pass for European citizens called the Interrail Pass. Today, the company makes it possible to ride trains to more than 30,000 European destinations.

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Our Eurail Pass Review Approach

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