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The best things to do in Tunisia in 2023

The best things to do in Tunisia in 2023

It’s easy to see why Tunisia is a popular holiday destination. It offers brilliant value for money, is rich in history and culture, and is a short flight from Europe. Lapped by the Mediterranean Sea, it’s a great option for those in search of sun and sand, just as tempting as some better known spots in Spain, Italy and Greece.

Sparkling waters meet the towering Atlas Mountains and the vast plains of the Sahara, a taste of Tunisia’s many remarkable landscapes. Historic sites and settlements range from attractive coastal towns to ancient cities, together telling a story spanning thousands of years.

Many of the country’s best things to see lie away from the traditional tourist destinations. Our guide will take you across salt lakes, oases and through cities, touching on some famous film locations, too. Here are the best things to do on a holiday in Tunisia.

Visit the capital

Tunis is one of the biggest cities in northwest Africa

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The main attraction in Tunis is its enchanting medina district, where remnants of the city’s 12th-century past are visible while walking the narrow ancient streets, lined with souks and dotted with the tall minarets of various mosques. There are over a dozen notable souks in the city, and some of the best branch off from the famed Al-Zaytouna mosque, such as El Attarine, El Berka and Ech-Chaouachine. Some date back to the 13th century, and you’ll find a range of goods, from perfume and cosmetics to clothing, textiles and jewellery.

Outside the medina, newer city streets hide their own array of monuments and attractions, such as the Royal Mausoleum of Tourbet el Bey and the Bab El Bhar, the gate separating the medina and the new city. The Bardo Museum is the most impressive in the country, and visitors will find collections dating back 40,000 years that highlight Roman, Greek and Arabian artefacts. Elsewhere, the National Military Museum traces back hundreds of years of Tunisian history through the lens of various wars and battles.

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Admire the beauty of Sidi Bou Said

It is said that the owner of the Ennejma Ezzahra was the first person in the town to paint his residence white and blue

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Just 20 minutes away from the capital, Sidi Bou Said is a pretty town on the coast. A mix of Ottoman and Andalusian architecture…

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