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BACOLOD MASSKARA FESTIVAL 2023 Schedule of Activities

Maskkara Festival 2023 Schedule of Activities photo by Ceslou via Wikimedia cc

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BACOLOD MASSKARA FESTIVAL 2023 Schedule of Activities

Masskara Festival 2023: Dates, Highlights, and Everything You Need to Know

The Masskara Festival is an annual celebration that is held in Bacolod, Philippines. Known as the “City of Smiles,” Bacolod comes alive each October with colorful street dances, lively parades, and artistic masks, all contributing to the festive atmosphere. The festival has become one of the most popular events in the Philippines, attracting locals and tourists.

Maskkara Festival 2023 Schedule of Activities photo by Ceslou via Wikimedia cc

The Masskara Festival 2023 promises an unforgettable experience of color, culture, creativity, and culinary delights. The festival will showcase everything Bacolod City offers, including its rich history, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. Visitors can expect to see various activities, including street dancing competitions, beauty pageants, food festivals, and live music performances.

Mark your calendars now for this incredible celebration showcasing everything Bacolod City offers. The festival is a month-long celebration of smiles, music, and dance, where locals and visitors alike come together to celebrate the resilience and spirit of the people of Bacolod. With its vibrant atmosphere and rich cultural heritage, the Masskara Festival 2023 will surely be an unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss.

History of the Masskara Festival

The festival started in 1980 during the dictatorship of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. At that time, the prices of sugar, the province’s main agricultural crop and livelihood source, were at a record low following the introduction of sugar alternatives into the market. This led to an economic crisis in Bacolod City, which heavily relied on sugar production.

In response to the crisis, the city government organized the first Masskara Festival as a way to uplift the spirits of the people and promote tourism. The festival was an immediate success, with locals and visitors coming together to celebrate with music, dance, and street parties.

The festival’s name is a combination of two words: “mass” (meaning many) and “kara” (meaning faces). The festival’s signature masks and costumes are a symbol of the people’s resilience and ability to smile in the face of adversity.

Over the years, the festival has grown in popularity and has become one of the biggest festivals in the Philippines. It has also become a platform for local artists to…

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