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30 Best Travel Hacks From An Expert Globetrotter

Tourist at the airport looks at the Airport Departure Board

Frequent travelers know that adventuring the world comes with its fair share of planning or shortcuts. Travel hacks are trendy to talk about on social media; however, it can take some time and experience to learn which ones are worth using on your next trip.

A few of these tips may seem obvious to seasoned travelers. It may be a no-brainer to download Google Maps to some, though others may not know how intuitive the app is–even from abroad.

So, even if you think you’ve heard it all, I implore you to read on. I’ve been to 18 countries and visited 27 states – and I’m still learning new things! You may learn a trick you’ve never heard of before.

These hacks can come in handy when you want to save money or space. You could score some free food, learn to kick jet lag in the butt, or save a few extra bucks along the way. In any case, here are my favorite travel hacks for your consideration!

Best Travel Hacks

1. Always protect your trip (and yourself)

Tourist at the airport looks at the Airport Departure Board / Adobe Stock

What every traveler needs, especially if you’re planning a complicated itinerary with international flights, is travel insurance. These trip-protecting and asset-protecting plans ensure that you don’t lose out on any money if things go awry, you get hurt, or you lose something valuable.

Keep in mind that travel insurance is not an all-size-fits-all solution. There are a few things to consider for your next trip, from destination to how many people you’re bringing along.

For health coverage, you’ll want to look into our favorite digital nomad-friendly insurance option: SafetyWing. Not only can you get travel health insurance with SafetyWing, but you can also use it if you are a remote worker living abroad.

VisitorsCoverage is another one of our favorites, and you can find many more trusted firms on insurance comparison sites like

But if you want to save yourself some trouble, here are some of our top travel insurance resources:

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2. Let cheap flight alerts come to you!

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Scoring flight deals isn’t always about being savvy with internet searching. Sometimes, these magical flight prices can come right to you. With sites like Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights), you can set your email notifications to ping you whenever a surprise flight deal is found. I even scored a $250 roundtrip flight with American Airlines to…

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