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The best Egypt holiday destinations for 2023

The best Egypt holiday destinations for 2023

Egypt has a holiday appeal all its own, with its unique blend of some the world’s most famous landmarks alongside modern beach resorts that make the most of its substantial coastlines.

A country steeped in history, this North African marvel is home to some of the world’s oldest cities, from ancient Alexandria to the current capital, Cairo, where a vast network of hectic streets is overlooked by the Great Pyramids of Giza.

On the shores of the Red Sea, numerous coastal resorts offer beautiful destinations for a winter sun getaway, while cities such as Aswan provide a tranquil escape along the banks of the River Nile.

And few places can offer the same range of attractions as Egypt; there’s nowhere else where you can see a still-standing Wonder of the Ancient World before catching a cruise on the longest river on Earth, all while on your way to seeing some of the world’s oldest archaeological sites. Below, we’ve rounded up where you should go to see the best of this diverse destination.


Cairo is is a muddle of modern skyscrapers and ancient attractions

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A sprawling city of over 10 million people, Cairo is a place marked by contrasts. Sitting on the banks of the famed Nile, a sea of ochre-hued buildings and modern skyscrapers rises from the sparkling waters, and in the distance the Great Pyramids of Giza cast a shadow over the city. These are still the main attraction – the only remaining Wonder of the Ancient World, their sheer size and ingenuity makes them one of the planet’s most legendary sites.

Nearby, the Grand Egyptian Museum is slated for an opening later this year, when visitors will finally be able to browse over 100,000 artefacts from ancient Egypt (not to be confused with the Egyptian Museum, a separate attraction packed with more than 100,000 items, currently including Tutankhamun’s gold burial mask).

For the best views of the city, climb the Cairo Tower. Afterwards, an hour-long wander will bring you to the bustling Khan Al-Khalili souk. Resembling a Turkish bazaar, it is replete with stalls selling everything from precious jewellery to lanterns and trinkets. The market is found on Al-Muizz, a main street filled with some of Cairo’s most important Islamic architecture, including several ancient mosques.

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