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Xebec Tri Screen 2 Review

Xebec Tri Screen 2

I’ve been testing out the Xebec Tri Screen 2 for the last few months. It’s an innovative new piece of technology and here is my honest review!

As someone who is relatively new to working from home full-time, I was super excited to test out the Xebec Tri Screen 2!

I’ve only ever used my laptop for online work, and now that I’ve transitioned to full-time remote work, I can see why people love using multiple screens.

Sometimes you are working on a bunch of things at once, and it’s much nicer to have multiple screens instead of flicking between tabs and losing your place.

However, my current one-bedroom apartment in Sydney doesn’t have much room for a spacious home office set up with a desktop! I’m very limited in space, so I’ve found the Xebec Tri Screen 2 conducive to expanding my home work environment.

I can just use it right at the kitchen table. It gives me two extra screens without taking up the space of a desktop! But it does have some drawbacks, especially when I’m travelling around Australia by air.

To help potential customers fully understand the Xebec Tri Screen 2, I’ve written a comprehensive review of the product.=

This is my personal experience, and I hope it’s helpful but please do take it with a grain of salt as every person may have a different experience!

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What is the Xebec Tri Screen 2?

The Xebec Tri Screen 2 is a laptop attachment that allows you to add 2 extra screens to your workstation.

It’s portable, easy to use, and can attach to the back of any laptop.

So if you’re someone who is used to working with multiple screens, this attachment gives you the benefit of 3 screens, wherever you go.

Here is a breakdown of all aspects of the Xebec Tri Screen 2. From design, to portability, to display quality, these are all my personal opinions about this unique and innovative product.

Photo from the Xebec website – The Tri Screen 2 can go anywhere!

Design – 8/10

The Xebec Tri Screen 2 is simple, sleek, and modern. It’s all black and can easily attach to any laptop without adhesives.

You simply pull apart the adjustable sides and slide it right onto your laptop. It’s convenient and looks professional, plus you can adjust the angle of the screens to suit you.

There is a kickstand that unfolds from the back, which is essential for me. I have a Macbook Air which is pretty light, so the Xebec weighs down the screen without the…

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