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Passengers allegedly escorted off Air Canada flight after refusing to sit in seats with vomit on them

Passengers allegedly escorted off Air Canada flight after refusing to sit in seats with vomit on them

A passenger on an Air Canada flight has accused the airline of kicking two women off the plane after they raised concerns about sitting on seats with vomit on them.

Susan Benson shared details of the alleged incident on social media, writing “I am ashamed to be a Canadian and ashamed of Air Canada”, in an emotive Facebook post.

According to her account, two women and a gentleman “were struggling to get seated” on the 26 August Las Vegas to Montreal service, flight AC 1706.

Ms Benson said there was a “foul smell”, and that it transpired that someone had vomited in that area on the previous flight.

“Air Canada attempted a quick cleanup before boarding but clearly wasn’t able to do a thorough clean,” she claimed. “They placed coffee grinds in the seat pouch and sprayed perfume to mask the smell.”

The travellers assigned to those seats were “clearly upset”, said Ms Benson, but she alleged that a flight attendant, though apologetic, said the flight was full and there was nothing that could be done.

This was despite the passengers pointing out that the “seat and seatbelt were wet and there was still visible vomit residue in their area”.

They argued back and forth for a few minutes before the flight attendant went to get her supervisor, according to Ms Benson, who reiterated the same thing: the flight was full and nothing could be done.

After requesting they at least be given blankets to sit on and wipes to clean more of the area themselves, the cabin crew “reluctantly” complied.

However, after the women had finally got themselves settled, Ms Benson claims the pilot came to speak with the travellers, saying the two ladies had two choices: “They could leave the plane on their own accord and organize flights on their own dime, or they would be escorted off the plane by security and placed on a no fly list!”

This was because they had been “rude” to the flight attendants, the pilot allegedly told them.

“They were certainly not!” argued Ms Benson. “They were upset and firm, but not rude! The passenger beside them explained to the pilot that they have literal vomit in their seats”.

She added that the pilot walked back up to the front of the plane, and that “next thing we know security comes down the aisle and escorted the two ladies off the plane! For what? Refusing to sit in vomit for five hours! Air…

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