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How To Visit The Doge’s Palace In Venice & Beat The Crowds!

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Hidden amidst the winding canals and mysterious streets of Venice, is a building known for its beauty and grandeur.

The Doge’s Palace is an architectural marvel that showcases the best of Venetian Gothic styles, both on the outside and inside.
It’s one of the biggest attractions in Venice, and is famous for its opulent rooms, royal chambers, and pieces of exquisite artwork throughout.

You can wander through the Bridge of Sighs and listen out for the faint sound of prisoners’ hopes and dreams whispered as you cross into the prison, or simply lose yourself in the romance of it all. 

In this guide, we’ve shared how to visit The Doge’s Palace in the best way possible – without the crowds! 

This is not just a building; it’s a place where stories and legends come to life. It’s important to note that the Doge’s Palace is also called Palazzo Ducale.

Is The Doge’s Palace Worth Visiting?

elaborately designed ceiling with paintings and stucco

This was the question I asked myself as I planned my one-day itinerary for Venice. Should we fit it in or skip it?

As it’s such a famous building and once-important part of Venetian history, I decided to, BUT making sure to book the first tour of the day.

It was really the only time we had for it anyway, and I wanted to have less chance of lines so I could better control the rest of the day as we had booked in tours, I did not want to be late for. 

The Doge’s Palace ended up being one of my favorite things to do in Venice.

Caz taking photo of palace courtyard

BUT, be warned, I share with you the tip below about getting here early. I have friends who visited Doge’s Palace and didn’t enjoy it much as they were fighting through crowds. 

Like we experienced at the Palace of Versailles, having the Hall of Mirrors all to ourselves, timing is everything when traveling in Europe, especially popular destinations like Venice. 

So, if you time it right, I think the Doge’s Palace is worth visiting. 

History of The Doge’s Palace

statue of man

The Doge’s Palace, built in the 14th century, was the official residence of the Doge, the supreme authority of the republic. 

The palace was built using Gothic Venetian styles over the smaller palace built by Doge Ziani, and very little of this original palace remains. What you see today is the 14th century architecture that was commissioned by Doge Bartolomeo Gradenigo.

He built the part of the palace facing the lagoon and…

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