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What’s the Average Cost of Shipping a Suitcase?

What's the Average Cost of Shipping a Suitcase?

One of the first things you’ll do when you book a plane ticket is to figure out how your luggage will travel with you, whether that’s at your side as a carry-on or under the plane as checked luggage. 

But did you know that it’s also possible and pretty easy to ship luggage when you travel? Luggage shipping services aren’t always the cheapest option when you travel, and often times checking a bag is much cheaper.

However, shipping luggage is certainly something to consider if you’ll be making multiple stops or want your luggage to meet you at your destination. Let’s explore everything you need to know about luggage shipping and the costs involved with the average luggage shipping service.

The Cost of Shipping a Suitcase

Cost is unquestionably among the most important considerations for shipping luggage, but you may also want to investigate some reviews and past traveler experiences before selecting a service. The average cost to ship a suitcase will largely depend on the company you select, the weight and size of your baggage, and the distance you’re traveling.

Let’s assume you have one 30-pound suitcase (about 14 kg) at the maximum airline dimensions of 62 linear inches (157 cm).

On the low end, you can expect a shipping charge of $15 to $50 for movement within a single country. On average, for international shipping, you should expect a charge of $100 to $200. On the high end, when you’re shipping something very heavy, fast, and far, you can expect to pay at least $500.

Remember, however, that price isn’t the only factor when traveling with your stuff. Consider that shipping companies don’t always have the same size and weight limitations as airlines, so you can ship oddly shaped items and extra large baggage without the airline informing you that your luggage won’t fit under the plane.

Best Luggage Shipping Services

A quick Google search will show you multiple well-known shipping companies that will ship your luggage and companies that specialize in transporting luggage. The companies run the gamut for pricing and scheduling, so you may find it helpful to get a few quotes before you finalize your plans.

Here’s a quick list of some luggage shipping services:

Company Costs
Luggage To Ship Prices start at $30 and increase based on how far the luggage will travel
Luggage Forward $89 to $150 for many bag types, from a 25 lb. bag to a 75 lb bag
Luggage Free $200 to $500 for heavy…

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