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Who is the Biggest RV Rental Agency in the US?

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If you’re looking for the best RV rental destinations, the odds are pretty good you already have an RV rental pegged on your “must-have” list. However, it’s one thing to rent a fantastic RV for your next adventure and quite another to decide where to go.

One of the reasons Americans don’t have the number of passports that other country’s citizens have is everything we could ever want to see is right here in the United States.

From majestic, ice-capped mountains to the harsh reds, yellows, and oranges of the desert, America is full of incredible sights and wonders.

But where to start? Since Google still holds the title as the number one search engine in the world, it’s a natural choice. So, we thought we would gather the most Googled RV rental destinations in the world and present you with a birds-eye view of what everyone is looking for—an adventure.

What is the Most Rented Type of RV?

According to the RV Rental Association, travel trailers edge out Class C motorhomes by a hair. Both make sense when you think about it.

Class C motorhomes are not as large and cumbersome as their Class A counterparts. However, a Class C is still the complete package with plenty of room and all of the amenities.

Travel trailers are a simple enough selection as well. If you have the towing vehicle, why not? Not all travel trailers are huge and lumbering beasts, either.

A small couple’s teardrop is considered to be a travel trailer. With a huge variety of sizes and amenities, travel trailers have a ton to offer.

Who is the Biggest RV Rental Agency in the US?

Cruise America is the biggest RV rental agency in the US today. They have over a hundred offices in 33 states, and it’s a company that’s been in the business for over half a century.

That’s quite a pedigree for a rental company, and it shows as potential RV renters flock to the company each year.

Largest doesn’t always mean best, however, as Outdoorsy is enormously popular as well. Outdoorsy is one of the most well-known and respected RV rental companies in the US and a fierce competitor with Cruise America.

When deciding on your RV rental destinations each year, it’s hard to go wrong when choosing either Outdoorsy…

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