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The 10 Best States For Rock Collectors And Rockhounds

SCOTTY'S JUNCTION, NEVADA, UNITED STATES - May 10, 2019: Apache Tears, a small smooth obsidian, are one of the stones that can be found at the Scotty's Junction rockhounding area.

Combining exploration, discovery, and awe, rockhounding is an incredible hobby if you’ve never tried it. This pastime (finding and collecting geological items such as rocks, minerals, gemstones, and fossils) has captured the interests of treasure hunters and nature lovers alike, who find it to be more than a weekend hobby- a lifelong passion. The geological wonders formed over millions of years are a constant source of intrigue for those who approach this pursuit with an open heart.

Location is key to the success of any rockhounding excursion, regardless of whether you’re an avid collector hunting for one-of-a-kind additions to your assortment or a newbie seduced by the allure of the wild’s numerous hues and figures.

SCOTTY’S JUNCTION, NEVADA, UNITED STATES – May 10, 2019: Apache Tears, a small smooth obsidian, are one of the stones that can be found at the Scotty’s Junction rockhounding area.
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The United States offers a diverse range of geology for rock enthusiasts, extending from the damp woodlands of the Pacific Northwest to the arid deserts down south. All 50 states hold their own unique geological treasures, such as Montana’s glittering sapphires and Arizona’s priceless turquoise.

Prepare for an adventure that quite literally rocks as we delve into the top 10 states for rockhounding in the U.S. Wondering where to begin? We’ve got you covered. Join us as we explore the finest states for finding precious gems and for enjoying an exceptional overall rockhounding experience.

Rockhounding From Coast To Coast: 10 States You Can’t Miss

The United States offers a vast playground for rockhounding enthusiasts, thanks to its rich geology from the Pacific to the Atlantic. With mountain ranges, deserts, forests, and coastlines, the country has much to offer those willing to dig a little deeper – literally and metaphorically.

We’ll take you on a geological tour of the US and embark on this coast-to-coast rockhounding adventure. Here are the 10 states you simply can’t afford to miss!


The “Gem State” is frequently used to describe Arizona, a state full of geological richness and variety. Rock hunting enthusiasts will find Arizona to be amongst the most thrilling destinations in the country.

Rockhounding at the Morenci Mine, one of the largest copper mines globally, is an adventure not to be missed. Those intrigued with meteorites should check out…

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