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13 Fun & Best Things to Do in Epernay, France

Exterior of Château Perrier in Epernay, France

We’ve all heard that real champagne only comes from the Champagne region of France, but where is that exactly? And what’s the best town to visit when touring this region? That town has to be Epernay.

Located in the Marne department of Northern France, this charming town is a sanctuary for the world’s most notable and famous champagne houses. It is less than two hours from Paris, and while it can easily be seen on a day trip, you might want to consider spending a few days here to explore the region.

Epernay is home to the UNESCO-listed Avenue de Champagne, a road full of unique champagne houses, wine bars, and wine boutiques. You’ll find champagne houses like Champagne Mercier, Moët & Chandon, and Comtesse Lafond all along the same street.

While the region is most famous for producing that famous bubbly, there’s plenty to see and do for non-drinkers. Nearby, Montagne de Reims Natural Regional Park has miles of stunning hiking trails and bike paths. Château Perrier houses a museum not only dedicated to wine but also to the geology and archaeology of the region.

No matter your fancy, Epernay is sure to please. Now, let’s get into all the fun and best things to do in Epernay!


Category Our Pick
Most significant landmark Avenue de Champagne
Best park Montagne de Reims Natural Regional Park
Best free activity Strolling down Avenue de Champagne
Best activity for kids Balloon d’Epernay
Best activity for adults Touring Moët & Chandon
Best food Sacré Bistro
Best place to stay La Cave de l’Avenue

Fun & Best Things to Do in Epernay, France

1. Château Perrier

Exterior of Château Perrier in Epernay, France
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Address: 13 Av. de Champagne, 51200 Épernay, France

The 19th-century Château Perrier is a historical monument and one of the most beautiful buildings in Epernay. It currently serves as a museum of the Champagne region covering wine, archaeology, and geology. The museum is just outside the city center on the famed Avenue de Champagne.

Château Perrier was the first of its architectural design in the region, inspired by the Palais du Luxembourg, the Palais des Tuileries, and the Louvre in Paris. It was built to house the mansion and wine cellars of Charles Perrier, the director of Perrier-Jouët Champagne House at that time.

Today, visitors can enjoy over 2,000 artifacts in the museum’s permanent collection, along with temporary exhibitions and cultural events. Permanent exhibits tell the…

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