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15 Best Beaches in Fort Lauderdale in 2023

Top beaches in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Fort Lauderdale is a dreamland when it comes to beaches. Forget the other Florida beach hotspots like Miami and the Florida Keys; Fort Lauderdale has some of the best beaches in Florida. Whether you want pristine beach conditions or urban beach scenes with volleyball courts and beach chairs, Greater Fort Lauderdale offers options. And while you have day trip access to the South Florida Queen B, Miami Beach, you won’t need to bother. Fort Lauderdale has beautiful beach after beach. Fort Lauderdale’s beach scene is something else. These best beaches in Fort Lauderdale will more than fill your bucket for stunning beach day settings.

Best Beaches in Fort Lauderdale

It’s no secret that Fort Lauderdale is one of the best places to visit in Florida, and once you’ve seen these Fort Lauderdale beaches, you’ll understand why. The region is nicknamed Palm Beach County, and it has beach after beach – including a vast barrier island with tropical white sands and multiple state parks.

You can find everything from seat turtles to beachside restaurants and beach bars. It all depends on where you look, and this guide will provide you with all the insight you need for a beach holiday of a lifetime in Fort Lauderdale. Check out these best beaches in Fort Lauderdale.

1. Hillsboro Beach

Best Beaches in Fort Lauderdale Hillsborough Beach

One-mile-long Hillsboro Beach is a quiet, understated white sand paradise. Hillsboro Beach is located in a town of the same name in Broward County, just north of Fort Lauderdale. It is sandwiched between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean on a picturesque barrier island, backed only by private residences and the odd beach resort. Hillsboro Beach has an intimate feel, with most tourists instead heading to its northern neighbor, Deerfield Beach. The sun-kissed white sand, and almost zero crowds make it an ideal beach trip for those wanting a peaceful day on the sands.

We admired its peaceful atmosphere and almost secretive feel. There’s also the beautiful Hillsboro Lighthouse to admire, right at the end of the beach. The lighthouse dates back to 1907 and is a working lighthouse that you can visit by tour or by dropping into its adjoining museum.

2. North Ocean Park

Best Beaches in Fort Lauderdale North Ocean Park

This beautiful addition to the South Florida beaches provides an alternative view of Hillsboro Lighthouse for those not venturing to Hillsboro Beach. This north city beach park is a stunning soft sand beach just 20 minutes north of Fort Lauderdale by car. North Ocean Park is famous for its…

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