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GoPro HERO7 Black Dusk White Launch in Queenstown, New Zealand

Gopro Hero7 Black Dusk White

Launching the brand new GoPro HERO7 Black Dusk White limited edition camera by going on an international trip to a secret location…

Testing out the new GoPro HERO7 Black Dusk White limited edition camera in Queenstown, New Zealand.

“Hey man, what are you doing tomorrow?”

I was sitting on my couch in Sydney working my way through an enormous to-do list after just returning from a 3-week assignment in Canada, when my phone rang. It was a Sunday afternoon, and I had no idea what answering that call would lead to.

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The person at the other end was a mate who loves fun and adventure as much as just about anybody I can think of. He is also the kind of person that knows how to make fun and adventure happen.

After a bit of a chat he dropped the bombshell.

“Want to come on a trip? I can’t tell you where or what we’re doing, but I promise it’ll be epic. You just need your passport, warm clothes and swimmers.”

17 hours later I was standing at Sydney International Airport, passport in hand, ready to jump on a mystery flight. Because who can say no to a proposal like that?

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My buddy works with GoPro, doing their marketing and PR for Australia and New Zealand. He had been secretly putting together an insanely awesome campaign to launch their brand new, limited edition GoPro HERO7 Black Dusk White edition. Not that I knew that at the time.

He needed one more person to come along, capture content and write about the trip. He thought of me, and next thing you know I was packing my bag for 3 days of untold excitement.

I got to the airport and met up with the rest of the crew coming along for the secret adventure. There was Ed, Loz and Emma from GoPro coordinating the entire trip, two amazing video creators, Kurt and Nick, and the editor from Man of Many, Joe as well.

Two others, Dalton from The Tailored Man and professional racecar driver Danni Halcrow, would be meeting us at in our final destination.

At this stage we were all handed our first clue as to where we were going. It was a sign with our flight number.

We ran to the flight information board and checked VA163. Non-stop to Queenstown, New Zealand, the adventure capital of the world.

This was going to be insane.

Gopro Secret Adventure Flight Number
Our first clue about the secret adventure – a flight number.

The Limited Edition GoPro HERO7 Black Dusk White

First of all let me talk about the new camera that has just been released, the GoPro HERO7 Black Dusk White.


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