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26 Best Things to Do in Geneva, Switzerland in 2023

Top things to do in Geneva Switzerland

Of all the beautiful places in Switzerland, Geneva is still rated as one of the top. Only a few cities are as beautifully situated as Geneva. The city is within day trip distance of Mont Blanc, has a gorgeous rose garden, and sits on the shores of Lake Geneva. It is also the base of the United Nations Headquarters, and you can find many fun facts before visiting Geneva here. So, besides Geneva’s beautiful setting and natural scenery, what else is there to love? That’s where the best things to do in Geneva come in.

Best Things to Do in Geneva, Switzerland

Photo credit: ©Geneva Tourism, Adam Soufi

Whether you want Geneva museums or Swiss food, these best things to do in Geneva will keep you entertained and enjoy any visit to Switzerland. This guide covers everything from the Patek Philippe Museum to the Palais des Nations and the Parc de la Grange. Get ready for some serious variety.

Planning Your Trip To Geneva Right Now?

Below are some of the top tours in Geneva, Switzerland. Don’t forget to plan ahead when visiting Switzerland!

Top Activities and Tours in Geneva:

1. Vallorbe Caves

Best Things to do in Geneva Day trips to the Vallorbe Caves

The Vallorbe Caves, aka the Grottes de Vallorbe, are some of the prettiest caves you can visit. This cave system has underground waterfalls, halls, and a subterranean river. If you fancy an outdoorsy attraction, you’ll remember forever, the Vallorbe Caves are the one for you.

The low lighting and miles of underground paths make for the perfect 3-4 hours of entertainment, and just 2 hours away by public transport or 1 hour and 20 minutes away by car. The Vallorbe Caves are convenient and really have that wow factor. If you haven’t visited a cave system before, you need to experience this once. Going caving is quite bizarre to be featured first on a city break list. Still, there you have it – the perfect example of how incredible Geneva is as a city.

2. Broken Chair Sculpture

Best Things to do in Geneva Broken Chair Sculpture UN
Photo Credit: ©Geneva Tourism, Loris von Siebenthal

A giant red chair in the middle of a city center is anything but standard. This sculpture stands a dramatic 12 meters above street level and, as if this wasn’t striking enough, is notably broken. One leg is severed dramatically, showing splintered wood and leaving the chair seemingly precariously balanced on its remaining three legs. So, what exactly is the message behind this contemporary art? The Broken Chair sculpture symbolizes the protest of cluster bombs and land mines. As the European United Nations Headquarters…

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