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5 Easy Ways to Book Cheap Round Trip Flights to Anywhere

5 Easy Ways to Book Cheap Round Trip Flights to Anywhere

Round-trip flights are generally cheaper than their one-way alternatives. But how do you take that further and book the cheapest round-trip plane tickets possible?

Finding ways to save money on cheap round-trip tickets can sometimes feel complex. The algorithms and other pricing strategies airlines use mean that tickets can sometimes change prices from one day to the next.

For most trips, whether traveling internationally or domestically, flights will be your most significant expense. But there are cheap round-trip flights out there to take advantage of if you’re looking in the right places.

With this in mind, here are five simple ways to book cheap round-trip flights to anywhere. Next time you’re planning a vacation, try these out!

Easy Ways to Book Cheap Round Trip Flights to Anywhere

1. Use Cheap Flight Alerts

Sites like Going (Formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights), Thrifty Traveler, Airfarewatchdog, and Dollar Flight Club will help you find the cheapest deals. They’re great resources that help you act quickly on potentially fleeting savings.

The catch is that you’ll likely have to follow the deal, which may mean choosing an unexpected destination or being flexible with your travel dates. When you sign up for, you get a host of options sent to your inbox. If you see a deal you like, head to the airline directly and book a flight!

Using Dollar Flight Club or Thrifty Traveler is a pretty similar process. With Dollar Flight Club, you can sign up for the app to receive dollar-saving alerts on your mobile. Similarly, with Thrifty Traveler, you can enjoy instant email alerts on hot airfare deals, some even as far into the future as a year away.

It’s also worth noting that whether you sign up for Going, Thrifty Traveler, or Dollar Flight Club, there’s an option to go premium, and premium memberships often pay for themselves in just one deal. Premium benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Alerts on mistake pricing.
  • A priority spot in the queue for receiving deals.
  • The ability to personalize deals for your own travel plans and wishes.

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2. Use Flight Search Engines

If you’ve got a good idea of where and when you intend to travel, setting an airfare alert may help you get the best flight price. Search engines like SkyscannerKayak, Google Flights, or Hopper can save you time, money, and hassle.

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