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Digital Nomad Guide to Living in Sri Lanka in 2023

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If you’re looking to work from a tropical paradise that isn’t Bali (or Thailand), then this guide containing everything you need to know about living in Sri Lanka as a digital nomad is for you.

Earlier this year I spent 4 months living in Sri Lanka and really fell in love with the place. It’s a gorgeous country with so much to see and do.

As well as exploring as much of the country as I could, I also spent time working from several of Sri Lanka’s best coworking hotspots. I’m happy to be sharing my thoughts and findings with you today.

About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) is an island nation in South Asia, just off the coast of southern India. It has a population of approximately 22 million people, the majority of whom are Sinhala Buddhists.

The Sinhalese are the largest ethnic group, followed by the Tamils, who are mostly Hindus or Muslims and mainly live in the northern and eastern parts of the country.

Despite its relatively small size, Sri Lanka has an incredibly diverse range of landscapes. From white sandy beaches and palm trees on the coast to lush rain forests, tea plantations, rugged mountains, and rolling hills found inland.

Living in Sri Lanka As a Digital Nomad

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Before we go any further, it’s important to note that Sri Lanka’s digital nomad scene isn’t anywhere near as developed or established as in places like Bali, Thailand, or Portugal.

There are, however, a few coworking spaces here, and I’ll discuss some of the best ones below. But don’t expect the same range of choices or facilities as you’d see in more popular remote working hotspots.

The fact that Sri Lanka is still somewhat undiscovered as a remote working destination is one of the reasons I loved being there. It’s much less crowded than some of the more popular destinations. And, despite its popularity with tourists and holidaymakers, it’s easy to get off the beaten path and away from commonly visited spots.

The cost of living in Sri Lanka is also very low, as long as you avoid the most popular touristy areas. It’s a great place to base yourself if you’re looking to make your money go further than it would in places like Europe or North America.

Is Sri Lanka Safe?

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Overall, Sri Lanka is a very safe country. In my experience, there are way fewer scams and insecurities here than in many other destinations I’ve visited, and the people of Sri Lanka are welcoming and kind.

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