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How Much Does An Iceland Trip Cost in 2023: Detailed Budget Breakdown

Average Iceland Trip Costs

An Iceland vacation is never ‘cheap,’ even if you plan it on a strict budget. The country is known as an expensive destination. You’ll need to get savvy to save money on your trip to Iceland. The average Iceland trip cost is $200-300 per day – without factoring in the most extortionate (yet fantastic) things to do in Iceland. 

Certain activities, like snorkeling between the tectonic plates, can cost that just for one trip. And you’ll need to factor in rental car costs if you plan to venture anywhere outside of Reykjavik, the capital city, that day trips don’t cater to. All things considered, you can quickly see how things add up. Maximizing your budget as much as possible is essential so you don’t miss out on memorable activities and experiences. So, let’s figure out an Iceland budget together.

How Much a Trip to Iceland Costs

Iceland Trip Cost How much Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral Reykjavik

When you visit Iceland, all your decisions impact your final Iceland trip budget – be it rental cars or private rooms. In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the average trip cost factors so you can build an idea of what budget you’ll need as an individual visiting Iceland. We’ll cover everything, from accommodation prices to food costs and the costs of some of the most sought-after tours.

Airfare Cost

Iceland Trip Cost Keflavik Airport

Airfare won’t be a massive part of your Iceland travel budget. Depending on where you travel, the average price of flights is only a few hundred dollars. The average flight from the east coast of the US to Iceland is just $450 return, which gets even cheaper when you are flying to and from Europe. Compared to flying to other destinations, especially Australasia, Iceland is not expensive to reach airfare-wise.

Even then, you can save money when visiting Iceland by taking advantage of off-season flights and using air miles. Look into airline reward programs like British Airways, Qantas, and Delta SkyMiles. Airline loyalty programs get a bad rep for not actually being worthwhile. Still, choosing wisely and actively saving points can be a great tool to get cheap flights. Always compare flight prices by using websites and tools like Skyscanner – always using a private browser, of course, since those pesky cookies hike up prices on flights you view.

Iceland Trip Cost Keflavik icelandair Boeing 757

How flexible are you with your Iceland vacation as well? It is worth noting that if you fly from Europe to North America with Icelandair, they offer a complimentary layover in Reykjavik, which you can extend to anywhere between 1 to 7 days if…

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