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Outrage as airport worker tells stranded passengers they should be grateful plane didn’t ‘crash into the sea’

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An airport worker has come under fire for allegedly telling stranded Delta passengers that they should be grateful their plane didn’t “crash into the sea”.

Passengers on a Delta flight last Friday were left with no food or water and placed in a “partitioned section” of the airport after an emergency landing.

Flight 157 made an unexpected sharp turn to the isolated Terceira Island in the Azores archipelago, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, about eight hours into the trip from Accra, Ghana to JFK in New York.

It is reported that the flight had to land on the Portugeuse island due to compromised oxygen levels on the plane.

The passengers on the flight suddenly found themselves on a remote island with no Delta staff at the airport to help them during this unexpected diversion.

Nana Asante-Smith, a passenger on the Delta flight, wrote on Facebook how her and her husband just had a trip of a lifetime to Ghana with 40 of their friends and family, something they had all planned for years.

However, on the flight back she said a pilot announced that the plane was being diverted due to a mechanical issue. Communication started to become confusing when a flight attendant told another passenger that they were diverting because someone was ill.

“I walked to the back of the plane twice to ask the flight attendants what was really going on,” Ms Asante-Smith said. “They were kind and gentle, especially in the midst of my brewing anxiety attack. They reassured me that everything was just fine and that the oxygen was low in the cockpit. Nerve wrecking, but fine, because life happens and the unfortunate situation was not in Delta’s control.”

Yet it was once the plane landed on Terceira Island that chaos started to ensue.

The Lajes Airport only runs flights from six airports with a small amount of flight traffic

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“We were directed to a partitioned section of the building without access to freely move around the airport because those with Ghanaian passports did not have the requisite visas.  The crew members were shuttled to a hotel, not to be seen again. From that point, we never heard from or saw a Delta representative in any official capacity,” continued Ms Asante-Smith.

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