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The 15 Best Hidden Gems in Europe to Avoid Crowds

Europe hidden gems - Greenland Northern Lights

In recent years, summer in Europe has brought the increasingly negative impacts of mass tourism, but there are still hidden gems in Europe. Off the beaten path Europe cities, islands, and regions do exist without crowds.

Every peak European travel season seems to bring more unfortunate issues, increasing the rift between locals and visitors and prompting calls to curb tourist numbers. 

Overtourism has long-lasting consequences, increasing the property and rental prices, driving locals away from their hometowns, and turning historic centers into living museums.

In the process, the cultural heart of these destinations all too often seems to get lost.

If your dream European vacation includes sailing the canals of Venice or wandering the streets of Florence in solitude, you’ll likely find the reality pales in comparison to the fantasy.

Unless you visit during the off season, you may find yourself among hordes of tourists attracted by cheap European travel packages. 

But while visitor numbers to these crowded hotspots seem to increase every year, there are still many hidden gems in Europe that remain off the beaten path.

There are countless beautiful underrated European cities where few travelers know to venture, with ample natural, cultural, and historical attractions and a fraction of the crowds you’ll find in European cities like Barcelona, Rome, and Paris.

From the Arctic to the Mediterranean, we’ve pored over the map and come up with our 15 of the best hidden gems in Europe. 

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Best Hidden Gems in Europe Guide

(Arranged geographically)

  1. Greenland
  2. Iceland’s Westfjords
  3. Svalbard (Norway)
  4. Gotland (Sweden)
  5. Shetland Islands (Scotland)
  6. Jersey (Channel Islands)
  7. Brittany (France)
  8. Oberammergau (Germany)
  9. Galicia (Spain)
  10. Sardinia (Italy)
  11. Sicily (Italy)
  12. Azores (Portugal)
  13. The Black Sea
  14. Transylvania (Romania)
  15. Istria (Croatia)

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Greenland Northern Lights

1. Greenland

There are approximately 90,000 annual visitors to Greenland– a far cry from the 20 million tourists who travel to Venice every year.

Considering the fact that Greenland is Europe’s largest island, your chances of being stuck in selfie-stick-brandishing crowds there are slim to none. Yet Greenland is a must-visit for lovers of nature and of the Arctic. 

It’s worth a visit in winter to experience the Polar darkness, and for the high likelihood…

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