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10 BEST Delsey Luggage Pieces of 2023

Delsey Paris Turenne 21

Delsey Paris makes a wide range of great luggage with solid construction and stylish designs. But there are so many to choose from! How do you know what is the best Delsey suitcase to buy?

I’ve delved deep into the entire Delsey product range to find the hidden gems that stand out from the rest. I am an avid traveler and have high expectations from my gear, so every pick is based on specific real-world experience about what works during travel and what doesn’t.

Founded in 1946, Delsey Paris has been at the forefront of luggage innovation for over 75 years. I’ve always associated Paris with luxury and style, and Delsey definitely delivers that with their timeless designs and high-quality materials. One of the best things about Delsey is that they offer a huge range of suitcases. No matter what you’re looking for, they have something that will work for you.

Of course, that does mean you have to sift through all the options. I’ll outline 10 of the best Delsey suitcases you can buy and dive into where each one excels (or falls short) so you can pick the best one for you.

  1. Best Delsey Luggage Overall: Delsey Turenne Carry-On
  2. Best Budget Delsey Luggage: Delsey Raspail Duffel Bag
  3. Best Delsey Carry-On Luggage: Delsey Helium DLX Carry-On
  4. Best Delsey Checked Luggage: Delsey Helium Aero 25”
  5. Best Delsey Hardside Luggage: Delsey Chatelet Air 2.0 24”
  6. Best Delsey Softside Luggage: Delsey Skymax 2.0 Carry-On
  7. Best Small Delsey Luggage: Delsey Helium DLX Underseater
  8. Best Large Delsey Luggage: Delsey Peugeot Voyages 29” Trunk
  9. Best Delsey Luggage Set: Delsey ST Tropez 2-Piece Set
  10. Best Delsey Duffel Bag: Delsey Raspail 28”

Delsey makes fantastic hardside luggage with spinner wheels and durable polycarbonate shells. They are one of the best luggage brands out there and have tons of great products to choose from. If you’re looking for the absolute best one in their lineup though, I recommend the Turenne Carry-On.

This sleek carry-on bag is durable, lightweight, and packed with awesome features to streamline your travel experience.

The outer shell is made with 100% polycarbonate. This material is used in most high-end hardside luggage and is both lightweight and tough. That means this suitcase can survive some abuse. Don’t worry if you accidentally drop it from the overhead bin (though you may want to watch your head).

Plus, it’s very lightweight at just over 6 lbs, which means less weight to drag around and lift. Maybe it’s light enough that…

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