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15 Best Places To Go Glamping in Colombia

Best Glamping in Colombia

Glamping in Colombia is an incredible experience. After all, the South American country boasts unexplored terrains, from the majestic Andean peaks to the lush Amazonian jungle.

Glamping is a more elegant version of camping, where instead of sleeping in a basic tent, you’ll sleep in fully furnished luxury and unique accommodations, allowing you to enjoy modern comforts and conveniences while enjoying the beauty of nature. From luxurious tented cabins to cozy domes floating high above the jungle, Colombia has that perfect glamping accommodation waiting for you.

If you’re heading to Colombia and seeking a unique experience for your holiday, here are some of the best places to stay for luxury glamping in Colombia.

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Glamping Colombia Breakdown

Here’s a quick breakdown if you need a quick reference of the best places to book when glamping in Colombia.

Overall Best Glamping in ColombiaBOSKO

Best Luxury Glamping in ColombiaCeleste Glamping Guatapé

Coolest Glamping in ColombiaMonteza Glamping

Most Family-Friendly Glamping in ColombiaMangoo Glamping

Most Romantic Glamping in ColombiaTerra Luna Glamping

Most Unique Glamping in ColombiaGlamping Overlooking Guatavita

15 Best Places To Go Glamping in Colombia

When searching for the best glamping in Colombia, you’ll find numerous options for fantastic accommodations. Here are the best among them.

1) BOSKO Glamping

Where: Guatapé, Antioquia

Price: $369+ per night

BOSKO is our choice for the Overall Best Glamping in Colombia. It has a superb rating, with most guests loving everything about the property, from the excellent service to the facilities and comfort. Located in a stunning location in Guatapé, BOSKO sits amidst The Rock of Guatapé and is close to some of Colombia’s top attractions, including: hiking, shops, and art.

In BOSKO, you’ll sleep in a unique tent called the “mush-rooms.” These are transparent domed tents allowing you to get close to nature. Aside from the basic amenities, each room has a thermal infinity pool on a lovely terrace overlooking scenic lake views. You’ll sleep in a comfy king-sized bed with high-quality linens, internal heating, and deluxe interiors.

BOSKO - Colombia

Credit: BOSKO

2) Celeste Glamping Guatapé

Where: Guatapé, Antioquia

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