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18 Best Day Trips From Madrid in 2023

Top Day Trips from Madrid, Spain

Madrid is the glitzy yet industrial Spanish capital. Cutting edge and modern, yet famed for being the royal residence of the Spanish Royal Family, it is a city with one foot in the past and traditional and the other leaping forward with modern developments and forward-thinking attitudes. There are many things to do in Madrid; it is one of the best cities to visit in Spain. 

Don’t let that dissuade you from the fabulous Madrid day trips on offer, though. This major city is surrounded by UNESCO World Heritage sites and even the castle that inspired Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle. A day trip from Madrid is one of the best ways to better understand Spanish culture and harness a new admiration of the country while enjoying a Madrid city break. This guide will cover the best day trips from Madrid, inspiring you on amazing one-day trip experiences.

Best Day Trips From Madrid

We love Spain, and we’ve already compiled a Spain travel guide that you can use to plan the Spanish holiday of a lifetime. But for Madrid specifics, this guide is your bread and butter for the best day trips from Madrid. Weekend trips are great, but you don’t need a weekend trip to enjoy these top destinations near Madrid – with just one day, you could be heading to a UNESCO World Heritage Site or a stunning mountain range. Draw away from Madrid’s Plaza Mayor and enjoy one or more of these top 18 day trips from Madrid.

Planning Your Trip To Madrid Right Now?

Below are some of the top tours for Day Trips from Madrid. Don’t forget to plan ahead when visiting Spain!

Top Day Trips and Tours from Madrid:

1. Valencia

Best Day Trips From Madrid Valencia

If you look at Google Maps, Valencia might look like an ambitious day trip from Madrid. It is one of the most convenient mid-length day trips from Madrid. This is thanks to the high-speed train network that connects the two, meaning you can be in Valencia in as little as 2 hours. Easy.

Valencia is the capital of Spain’s Valencia region and, in fact, was once the Spanish capital. While it suffered heavy damage during the Spanish Civil War, it remains one of the prettiest and most historic places to visit in Spain for a city break. With a day to enjoy the city, you should see the cathedral (climb to the bell tower), grab food at the Central Market, and admire the Carmen Street Art. There’s a lot to see, so plan your itinerary before departing. Luckily, Valencia is highly walkable.

  • Distance from Madrid: 2 hours by train

2. Royal Palace of Aranjuez

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