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Which is Better in 2023?

July Luggage Family

If you’re looking for a new suitcase that is durable, functional, and modern, you’ve probably come across these two luggage brands: July and Monos. Both brands offer sleek, feature-packed polycarbonate suitcases, but which is better?

My first luggage was a pair of cheap spinner suitcases that I used while living abroad in Europe. They both broke within a few months. Now I’m a lot more choosy about my suitcases, and Monos and July are two of my favorite brands on the market right now. I’ve spent months digging into the details to see how they compare.

July and Monos both make great hardside luggage. Their designs look amazing, are super functional, are built to last, and compete directly in price. The difference comes down to the details. Which brand has better features and organization? Which is easier to use? Which suitcase will keep looking good after years of travel?

I’ll dive into the details on these two brands and show how they compare for real-world use. If you’re looking for the ultimate comparison between July and Monos, you’re in the right place.

July Luggage Review

July is an Aussie brand that started in 2018 with the mission of bringing better design and thinking to the travel industry. Their commitment to improving the durability and functionality of their products makes them one of the best luggage brands out there.

My favorite part of the July brand is that rather than starting with a preconceived idea of what makes the best suitcases, they began their design process by reading thousands of reviews of existing products.

From their research they looked for the most common areas of complaint people had with their luggage. They found where other suitcases were breaking and what features people needed most, and then they set out to create a suitcase to solve the problems they found in the travel market.

The design of July luggage is a direct result of their customer-focused approach. They found the areas that needed improvement and worked to fix them. That attitude also carries over to the rest of their business. July customer service, return policy, and warranty are some of the best in the travel industry. I love brands that stand behind their products with great service and support.

July Luggage Materials & Quality

July builds all of their suitcases with a high-quality German polycarbonate hard shell. This has become the gold standard material for hardside premium luggage because it is both lightweight and very…

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