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10 Essential Travel Tips for Visiting the Netherlands

Pushing a Stroller on Prinsengracht, Amsterdam

If you are thinking about backpacking Europe or seeing the major cities here, know that there are numerous fantastic locations in the Netherlands you need to explore. Here are our favorite tips for planning a trip to the Netherlands.

Most Dutch cities are very welcoming, offering a glimpse into the past and storied history here and exciting, modern thrills.

Whether you want to do some Holland adventure travel through the city’s countryside or a more modern, even upscale, Netherlands itinerary, there are some exciting opportunities.

Below are some of the best tips for traveling in the Netherlands. You’ll love the experience, especially when you embrace the culture.

Travel Tips for Visiting the Netherlands

1. Budget Backpacking in the Netherlands Is the Way to Go

Pushing a Stroller on Prinsengracht, Amsterdam
Here’s me “family backpacking” (Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers)

One of the most common ways to explore this country is by backpacking, so we are devoting a good section here to answer all your questions.

Backpacking through the Netherlands is an exciting opportunity to see the countryside. With its laidback attitude and young, hip lifestyle, the area is certainly perfect for a backpacking trip.

Here are some of the best backpacking routes in the Netherlands to consider to save money during your visit:

5-day trip:

  • Start with two days in Amsterdam, the heart of the country, where you’ll want to explore mostly to see the attractions. Choose to stay in Haarlem or Utrecht to explore the city.
  • Visit Rotterdam, a very cool destination with a contemporary feel. It’s quite a modern destination.
  • Visit The Hague and explore the numerous Gothic buildings here (and you get to spend time on the beach, too).

10-day trip:

  • Start in Rotterdam (any of the cities mentioned above is a good starting point).
  • Visit Maastricht for the adventure.
  • Stop exploring Delft, a small city with outstanding shops and farms.
  • Spend a day in The Hague to see the Dutch city lifestyle up close.
  • For a beach experience, head to Scheveningen for a day or so.
  • Visit Haarlem next, and spend some time exploring the countryside.
  • End your trip in Amsterdam, exploring the city’s many amenities.

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2. Make a List of the Sites You Have to See

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

The Netherlands offers such a wide range of sites to see and experience that it’s hard to narrow everything down for a single trip. However, there…

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