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ShelterLogic Garage portable RV garage

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A portable RV garage or shelter kit isn’t something you probably considered when buying your RV. However, unlike a car, your RV can’t be pulled into your home’s garage for protection from the elements.

A dedicated RV-sized garage is a huge financial commitment and once it’s built that’s where it stays. Portable RV garages and shelter kits provide a cheaper alternative for RV owners to keep their rigs covered up.

Not only are they a cheaper option, but most can be moved if you have a change of address or if your storage location changes. RVs are large so having a structure to contain them isn’t always easy.

Portable RV garages and shelter kits are a great answer for many RV owners. DIY kits are available and you could have a home for your RV in just one afternoon.

What Is a Portable RV Garage Or Shelter?

A portable RV camper garage is exactly what it sounds like, it is a portable garage for your RV. You can then park your RV inside the portable garage to protect it from storms and other elements that could be dangerous to your RV.

A portable garage, carport, or shelter is a temporary outdoor structure that usually consists of a steel frame and fabric cover. They provide reliable, low-maintenance storage for vehicles of multiple styles and sizes.

6 Best Portable RV Garage And Shelter Kits

Here are 6 of the best portable RV garages available to you. Depending on your RV and individual needs we feel there is a great option here for you.

1. ShelterLogic 28 x 20 x 20 Peak Garage

This 28′ wide 20′ deep 20′ high option from ShelterLogic is a wider unit allowing for side-by-side storage of multiple vehicles.

The all-metal frame features a DuPont thermoset baked on powder-coated finish which resists rust and corrosion. Additionally, it uses bolt-together hardware at every connection point to ensure maximum strength and durability.

It has a patent pending Shelter Lock stabilizer block at every rib connection that adds strength and stability to the frame. Universal foot plates make the ground anchors solid and easy to connect.

Furthermore, the garage is covered in commercial-grade polyethylene woven fabric that is UV-treated inside and out to withstand even the harshest…

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